A Woman’s Worst Enemy 

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​This is for the women,? The fair, and weak ones Who were raised upon flower beds And the women, Who were taught that being a woman? Meant love And sacrifice.? This is for the women? Born with the same hearts That toughened with time? And words, that were harsh. The women, unpretty The women, unfit? The women who could change the world? The women who could love beyond their power? But the women nobody looked up to. A question, about the women, The treacherous, the liars, Women who are fire Who burn and break… Continue reading A Woman’s Worst Enemy 

sunday evening sillymony (jumping the lingo shark)

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tony: my name is easy to say a toe and knee mashed together in unholy letterimony tati: your name is a greasy splay ass rubbed over ground and heather an abstruse errormony tony: fine, i’ll sound out yours instead a tat and eye fronting anna let this be my proud zestimony crowd: tati clears her aural drumhead making sure there’s no banana her sight bodes ill for testytony tati (thinking): gosh, why’s it often this way when i teach tony ukrainian? so sick of paying fallimony! tony (thinking): damn it all, my dwindling cred! perhaps i’ll gift this geranium… Continue reading sunday evening sillymony (jumping the lingo shark)

Dear Growing Girl

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Dear Growing girl, If you are reading this, then good for you. ?I’m about sharing some secrets with you. I know you are going through some challenges that we call ‘Girl Problems’ right now, and you are a little confused, wanting to talk to someone , but you don’t know who. Sometimes,you feel its even better to bottle it all up inside you. The lesser people you tell, the safer your secret. Oh well, Yes, I support you too. First of all, before anything else, you need to know you are unique, Yes, a Unique being.… Continue reading Dear Growing Girl

Be clever while you speak

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Talking in any other language other than your mother tongue doesn’t mean you are an attention seeker or boasting vocabulary in different language. It means either the person is used to such kind of life or they wanted to improve their communication skill . Yes , I can’t totally deny the fact that this kind of communication is an exaggeration of pride. Certain circumstances “MATURE PEOPLE “does that ( forget about kids and teens) I speak manglish in other words i mix and match malayalam with english the reality is that i am… Continue reading Be clever while you speak


Finally! After much procrastination and hesitation, I have finally decided to be a part of the blogging world. Its not easy to put yourself out like there under the scrutinizing eyes of a nation whose favorite job is to criticize rather than encourage but after a baby and a full time job, my pen was becoming a bit rusty and what better opportunity to revive it than by starting a blog through which I intend to stay closer to my one and only passion: writing. Be it in any way or form, as long as I have got the words … Continue reading Bismillah!