Boycott Kayseria because of Waleed Zaman comment we support sexual harassment of women

Boycott Kayseria Because of the Shameless Act of Its Creative Director

I contacted a fellow famous blogger who runs a famous Facebook group dedicated to women empowerment I asked her to take up this issue and change their cover photos to boycotting Kayseria. She said that she was receiving threats in case she covered this news. This is downright degrading to women. Instead of apologizing to their customers (the women), they threaten them. A brand with such shameless attitude should definitely be boycotted. Continue reading Boycott Kayseria Because of the Shameless Act of Its Creative Director

March Haul

This month was filled with shopping as I prepare for the big move. Also I must add that from next month on I may not do haul posts as I will be starting my life in Sydney from scratch and to do lifestyle haul posts, you have to have a “lifestyle” first lol ( I don’t know why I find it so funny). Instead I am thinking of starting another series something along the lines helping new migrants into Australia. The haul posts will be there but do not expect fancy shopping as I won’t be that rich in Australia. … Continue reading March Haul

January Haul

Hello friends, I did not buy many things in January as I didn’t go out shopping much. However there are still some purchases in this month which are very interesting. like the coolest shoes by ECS and the battery operated pedicure kit. Shoes by ECS In December when I went to Millennium Mall, I came across this awesome shoe outlet by the name of ECS. I fell in love with their designs and vowed to make a purchase from their next sale and lo and behold! in January ECS announced their much awaited (from my side) sale. I got these … Continue reading January Haul

November Haul 2017

Welcome to the last haul post of this year. The month of November has revolved around budget hauls as I am moving to Sydney soon and do not want to spend a lot on stuff that I will probably not be able to take with me due to luggage limitations. Anyways, I discovered some amazing brands in this haul. Maxi by Unbeatable Lets start with something I consider a total steal. Due to my travel plans, I am being invited to a lot of farewell parties. Therefore I asked my husband to buy me a new dress asĀ  I was … Continue reading November Haul 2017