I am an electronics engineer by profession and a writer by passion. My friends keep telling me that I have this habit of randomly drifting off into space when my eyes lock upon a particular object, my ears tune out and I become oblivious to my surroundings. What I don’t tell them (for fear of ridicule) is that this is actually the time when I am concocting a poem, structuring my next article or coming up with the plot of my next story. In my college, I was a columnist for the youth supplement of Saudi Gazette and my work has been featured in SAMAR magazine and on Chowk.com. I also write blogs for Express Tribune and ARY.

My short story “The Unknown Man” was a winner at The Oxford University Short Story Competition 2012.

I grew up in Saudia, moved to Karachi when I was seventeen, lived there for fourteen years and now have moved to Sydney two years ago.

This blog is a space where I can be myself. This blog hosts the raw, unedited me. The articles you read online by me have been through the editing process several times by me as well as the editors of the publications in which they appear but on my blog I just type and hit post.

I am also an official book blogger for Liberty Books Pakistan and Usborne Publications UK.

You can follow me on my other social media profiles here

Facebook: Raiya Writes

Twitter: @raiyatweets

Instagram: raiyawrites

Hire Me: Raiya Hashmi (Freelance Journalist, Editor and Creative Writer)

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