Review Thin Lizzy Winged Eyeliner Stamp

Winged Eyeliner Made Easy: Thin Lizzy Perfect Wing Eyeliner Stamp

Rarely you find a makeup product that solves a problem you have been encountering for ages. This stamp eyeliner just does that. It turns people like us with shaky hands into pros for creating winged eye liner.

This stamp winged eyeliner came as a game changer in my life. Read on to find out what it exactly does to have me raving so much about it.

I have been trying to get the perfect winged liner for as long as I can remember. After taking some basic makeup courses and poring over YouTube tutorials I finally can do decent eye makeup and lips (at least I think so) but one thing I have never been able to master is the winged liner (And I so badly want to!) So that’s why when I read about a stamp wing eyeliner from a beauty Facebook group, I decided to give it a go immediately and boy I wasn’t disaapointed at all.


I took some photos to show the packaging to you guys. It comes in a black tube which is inserted in a white rectangular box. Both tube and packaging can be seen seperately in the cover photo.


Below are the ingredients for people who wish to know the ingredients before using any product


There isn’t much of a fragrance since it’s an eye product


The texture is marker like of the stamp side (top photo) and liquid liner type on the other side. (Bottom photo)

Also, in the photo below, the top is the impression of the winged eye liner and below one is the impression of the pen eyeliner

Pigmentation And Staying Power

The eyeliner has strong pigmentation as shown above and in the swatch below. Also it lasts until you wash your face and is easily removable using makeup remover or micellar water.


The application directions are as given below. However, I still use a visiting card to achieve the perfect angle otherwise I end up with two different angles on each eye.


Here is another close up one


This product is available for 19.99 dollars at Priceline and on The Thin Lizzy Website in Australia. However it usually goes on sale as well at Priceline so you can get it for a lot less.


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It is available on the Thin Lizzy Website here and Priceline here.