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Another Treat For Mystery Lovers: Origin By Dan Brown

I used to be a book lover but I don’t know what happened, with the onslaught of social media, this habit took a backseat. Although I still have got a huge TBR (to be read) box filled with unread books in my closet haha but I hardly get the time to read now.

Anyways the book that was on my TBR list for a long time and finally I found the time to read is Dan Brown’s Origin. I am a Dan Brown fan. I love the explanation of symbolism in his books. His books are travel diaries and fiction rolled into one. You get to visit different countries, explore thier rich histories and cultures and get to read a keeping you on the edge mystery at the same time. What else can a reader want? Plus I learn about a country more from his books rather than I would even if I travelled to the country myself. Because who delves into history and mystery when you are on a vacation right? You just want to view some scenic views, take some Instagrammable photos and just chill when you are on a holiday. At least, that’s my concept of traveling. But Dan Brown’s books take you into a totally different realm. Plus this time I read the book with my cellphone beside me so I googled all the places and the architecture he was talking about (You can now even use Google Earth to view the place or building exterior…WOW) and it turned into such a treat.  Anyways let’s move onto the actual book review.0 


Just like Dan Brown’s last book Inferno suggested the doom of the world, Origin takes us to its beginning. The story features a brilliant young scientist who has discovered how life originated on earth and he thinks his discovery will change the way people perceive this world and it will shake the foundations of our thoughts about the creation of this world and religions. He designs a presentation to present his discovery to the world and guess who is the chief guest for this presentation? None other than  our professor with the eidectic memory: Robert Langdon.

At the same time we are shown a glimpse of the unrest in the minds of some religious scholars who were shown the presentation before the world and do not want it to leak out to the world. At the presentation venue; the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, Robert Langdon comes across an AI Artifical ntelligence tour guide much like Siri and Google Assistant on our phones. At the same time, midway through the presentation the scientist is murdered. What follows is a treat of cracking codes, deciphering symbols and an ending that will cause you to think about what role these artificial intelligence bots can play in our lives.


The protagonist is obviously Robert Langdon who is the main character in all Dan Brown’s novels. He is the history professor with the ediectic memory who is able to crack the code and symbols just at the right time. And as usual in all his quests, this prodigy is accompanied by a lovely and brilliant young lady, this time the gorgeous Ambra Vidal, who is the fiance of the Crown Prince of Spain, a character who plays a very important in the whole mystery. We learn about the murdered scientist in retrospect as Robert and Ambra raid his house to find some clues. The characters are just like any other mystery novel. Not too much is explained about them in the beginning but you keep learning about them as the mystery evolves.

Writing Style

If you have read any Dan Brown novel then this novel is no different. If you are a fan of thrillers and mysteries, this book will definitely keep you on the edge with just the right amount of curiosity to make you keep turning page after page.


Overall, if you are a Dan Brown fan then this boom won’t disappoint you at all. However if you are a new reader, I would ask you to read his masterpiece: The Da Vinci Code first to understand where this writer comes from

Quotable Quotes

l love the discussions in this book about God vs Science. it causes you to really think.

Such an awesome quote. If we just make this quote alone the motto of our lives, it would change everything. Kindness really triumphs all.

So true, isn’t it?

So totally agree with this. This new social media love is so fake.

Wow, this was an eye opening quote for me. i didn’t know that, did you?

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