Top Blog Posts of 2019

Top Blog Posts of 2019

Here is to another year, another start. I cannot believe that it’s been four years since I started blogging. Although my blog’s growth rate may be very slow compared to many famous bloggers but the best part is that my statistics show that there has been consistent growth. My stats for this year are almost similar to last year i.e. I managed to gain 6500 views and it was 6800 views in 2018 but I feel despite being less in number, these stats indicate growth as I posted a lot less this year as compared to last year. I was out of an internet connection for almost two months when we change houses then there was a switch of jobs, change of schedules as my daughter started childcare and many other changes in my personal life. So my posting frequency was quite less. That is why managing the same amount of views with a less number of posts means I would have exceeded my last year’s target had I posted more.

Plus the highlight of my year was a girl messaging me saying that my posts give her peace. I started listening to Quranic Tafseer this year and used to post stuff related to it. She said these posts make her day. These are the little encouragements that I live for.

If I check out my blog goals for last year, these were such:

“For this year, I am super excited as I plan to finally get a custom domain and maybe monetize my blog. I don’t know how, what, when, where but trust me it is going to happen. In addition, I plan to start a series for helping new migrants settle into Australia based on my experience. I also plan to start a series comparing my favorites self help book with the adages in the Quran to make a point that our religion has got solution to to indeed all problems. I am very excited about this thing and will share details with you guys in due time.

Another series I am starting is of taking interviews of Women working in uncoventional roles. You can see the first interview here. I have conducted 2 to 3 interviews so far and I hope you guys will have as much fun reading them as I had conducting them.”

To be honest, I haven’t accomplished anything in terms of monetizing my blog. The Quran post is still pending and the Australia series is pending too. I have published more interviews for the “Women Working In Unconventional Roles”. In fact, my last blog post of 2019 was also an interview of a female mountaineer.

This year I plan to take things really slow as I am anticipating a lot of changes in my personal life. Depending upon circumstances, I can be posting more or less. (I have no idea what turn my blog will take). But yes one thing is for sure, the blog will go on.

Anyways, let’s move on to the top blog posts of 2019

1. All About UPS Battery Charging: How To Calculate Charging Size And Charging Time

This is the post that has been ranked the most read on my blog consistently every year and most of the hits I get on this blog post are from Google. I think a lot of people are confused about UPS battery charger sizes and what size to select for how much load. I am glad that this post helps them to solve this dilemma. After all, one of the main purposes of my blog is to help people and in the current load shedding periods of Pakistan, a UPS is a necessity rather than a luxury and I learnt all these calculations on my job when I worked managing the repair and maintenance of UPS installed in all airports of Pakistan.

2. Getting Pampered at Najla’s: Review For Facial, Manicure And Pedicure

This is a salon review of a facial I took at Najlas that was among the top ten last year as well. Do you guys need more salon reviews of Sydney Salons as well? (Since I have moved to Australia now). Let me know and I will gladly oblige

3. Iblees: Short Stories For A Short Stay

I love reading books and then doing book reviews. I am glad one of my book reviews is among the top three most read blog posts.

4. Mushaf: A Life Changing Book of Fiction

Another book review that made the cut. Mushaf was my favorite book of 2018 and I also ran a giveaway on my blog where this book was the gift. This year I planning to give away Dan Brown’s Origin. Are you excited?

5. How To Talk To Our Daughters About Choosing The Right Life Partner

This has been one of the most powerful articles on my blog this year and Iam so glad since women empowerment is one of the goals of my blog and this article does just that. It is an eye opener for parents on how to teach your daughters in choosing the right life partner, setting boundaries and putting respect one of the top priorities in a relationship. If you are a parent of a daughter, I would highly recommend you go through this piece to get rid of centuries of patriarchal mindsets and behaviors.

6. A Self Help Training You Must Attend: The Fourth Dimension by Dr. Moiz

In February 2017, I attended a self help training by Dr.Moiz that changed my life. Dr. Moiz Hussain is a motivational and self help professional who uses mind sciences to improve our lives. This session was very opening as it helped me to reach the root cause of the problems in my life and how to solve them. If you can’t take the paid session, go through this blog post and implement these techniques in your life. You will see an imemediate change in your life and how things start getting better for good. Trust me, this method of attracting happiness in your life really works. If you have any questions after reading the post, you can always ask me.

7. How To Get Australian Immigration On A Skilled Visa

This is the question I get asked the most so I created a blog post two years back to help people with this query and as expected, this is one of the most read blog posts. I plan to do some posts on settling in Australia too. Let me know if you guys are interested.

8. Quaid-e-Azam Made A Wrong Decision And Left Us All Destroyed

This is the most controversial piece on my blog as I received so much bashing on this one. This piece was based on my dadi (Paternal grandmother) opinion of The Quaid-e-Azam and how she perceived that he made a wrong decision and destroyed so many lives. Surprisingly, the events that unfolded in India at the end of the year caused me to publish a rebuttal which is here

9. How Incredibly Easily I Crafted My Daughter’s First Birthday Decorations

I planned my daughter’s birthday decor myself and this is the post that details step by step instructions on how I did it. I made everything myself from photo booths to photo props to table decor and saved a lot of money in the process. If you are planning your child’s birthday and don’t want to spend a lot of money, this post is going to be super helpful.

10. The Immigrant’s Song By Tishani Doshi

I love poetry and occasionally share some of my favorite poems on the blog. This is one of those poems.


I hope you liked this roundup of my top ten blog posts. Let me know what do topics you guys want covered for 2020 and please also let me know if I am doing anything wrong in my blog.

If you have anything literally anything related to my blog on your mind, let me know in the comments below or through my other social media profiles given below.

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