When The Past Visits Us


There are really some sights, sounds and smells that take us back to a different time.

For me the perfume would be a fragrance I don’t know the name of but I can recognize it really easily as one of my perfume obsessed school friends used it daily and she used to sit right behind me. As soon as she would enter the class every morning and then take off her abaya (I did my schooling in Saudi Arabia) the whole class would smell of the perfume. I often come across this fragrance sometimes and it takes me back to those early mornings, the school assembly and the teacher’s attendance. It’s sixteen years since I left school but every time I smell that perfume, it all becomes so vivid.

Similarly the song would be “Hum Bhoolay” by Noori. It takes me to a particular day in my life when I was very happy for a very lame yet  very important at the time reason haha.

The hangout spot would be my university. My mother’s house is close to my university so every time I go to my Ammi’s, I drive across uni and it feels so surreal to be driving right across from the path which you crossed once as an engineer-to-be dreading failure in every exam and feeling sceptical that it all seemed so difficult. Now it’s been eleven years since graduation and I have worked as an engineer in 5 different companies in 2 different countries. That anxious worried student from the past is still anxious and worried but about making sure that the project is delivered on time, the kids finish their meals and the monthly budget is managed fairly. Those carefree days seem like a different lifetime.

For you, what is that perfume, song and place that hits you with nostalgia?

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