Karachi Zoo

Karachi Zoo: A Must Visit Place For The Animal Loving Kids!

My daughter has developed a sudden interest in animals. She loves looking at birds,cats and dogs (the only animals available on the streets of Karachi) and shouts with glee every time she encounters the occasional goat or hen. Encouraged by her love for animals, I decided to take her to the Karachi Zoo. The last time I went there was when I was in grade 4. And today I am a working professional with over eight years of exerpeince. (It’s been twenty two years since my last trip to the Karachi Zoo!)

A quick query on several Facebook groups led me to discover that the following three options are available in Karachi for parents wanting to take their children to  some animal watching. (If you know more. let me know and I will update accordingly)

  1. Karachi Zoo
  2. Karachi Safari Park
  3. The Wildlife Experience Center

However my father suggested that the Zoo would be the best so this Sunday we finally took our daughter to the first memorable trip of her life.


The Zoo is located at Nishtar Road, Karachi. You can get the directions here.

How To Get There

We took a Careem to the zoo since we were skeptical about the traffic situation in the area as the road where the zoo is located is notorious for insane traffic and lack of parking options. And our decision could not have been better. Taking a car would have led to driving in the chaotic traffic and then desperately looking for parking space as we discovered soon from the crowd at the entrance gate. With a Careem, we were dropped off right at the  main entrance gate and were free of any further tension.


The ticket is for twenty rupees. (Yes twenty only!) and entry for children below three years is totally free.

The overall cleanliness situation is not that bad. However there was muddy water at the entrance, and at a lot of places there was a very strong smell of bird droppings but if you ignore all these things and focus only on your child’s happiness it’s an awesome place.

The Trip



As soon as we entered first we saw this horse:

The short heighted horse: Our first host at the zoo

My daughter was scared initially as she had hardly seen animals in real life but eventually she warmed up to the idea and started enjoying immensely.

Here are some  more photos:

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The Zoo had some of the most beautiful parrots I have ever seen





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A monument in the memory of Anarkali, the famous elephant and the biggest attraction of Karachi Zoo who died at the age of seventy years
The Elephants Of Karachi Zoo

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Several cages were empty but enough were filled to keep my daughter happy. There were sign boards outside every cage explaining the details about the animals:





























There is a museum and a reptile house inside the zoo as well but we did not go there as we were already dead tired due to all the walking.

The overall cleanliness situation is mot that bad for visitors (Can’t say the same for animals though).

There was muddy water at the entrance, and at a lot of places there was a very strong smell of bird droppings but if you ignore all these things and focus only on your child’s happiness it’s an awesome place (moreover what can you expect for a ticket of 20 rupees?)

Tips And Tricks

The Zoo is huge so don’t forget to take a pram/stroller for your baby. We kept switching our baby between carrying ourselves, pram/stroller and let her walk as well. The best time is to go early in morning (It opens at 8AM).We went at 1 pm and it was very hot. It took about two hours to see all the animals.

There is a play area and boating areas as well although we didn’t go there. And there is a train too to take you on a tour of the zoo.

For the adventure seekers, there are some shows as well showing a headless man and a woman with a the head of a body and the body of a lion.




Food Options

If you are hygiene conscious then take your food with you as there are no brand outlet food options available. (But there are a lot of stalls of chaat, ban kabab, goll gappay etc). There is a lot of street food available and at very low prices. We had two burgers and one chaat for Rs. 280.


As for the public  in the zoo, if you think that the people living at the other side of the bridge are beneath you then this place is not for you. I found the crowd to be very well behaved and minding their own business. No miscreants or harassers.

Plus all that mattered was that my baby got to see all her favorite animals in action (and will probably be seeing them regularly as I made the videos of her favorite animals and she kept watching them on the way back).

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3 thoughts on “Karachi Zoo: A Must Visit Place For The Animal Loving Kids!

  1. Omg! It brings so much memories when I went to the zoo on my school excursion when I was younger. I love the photograph of the elephant. My fav animal!


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