10 Useful Tips For The First Time Mother

Being a new mother is daunting, especially in a world where all the people around you are ready to provide unsolicited advice on child rearing. Most of this advice is from women who are past the child bearing age and their baby raising memories are so rusty now that their advice is not supportive at all. That is why, as a first time mother to a six month old, I have devised a help guide for mothers and for myself so that my child bearing memories stay afresh in the form of this article online.


  1. At Your Mom’s For The First 40 Days.

MotherPack your bags and crash at your mom’s place (especially if you are a first time mother). Only at your mother’s house you can roam in your PJ’s all day (since even taking a shower will require planning in this initial stage) , have whatever you are craving for and have your mummy feed them to you. Give full attention to your baby as this is the phase where you will learn to change diapers, give her a bath (scariest), cut her nails (even scarier than the bath) and all the nitty gritties.


  1. A Natural Cure For Rashes

Mother2This is the most common issue faced by new mothers. The acidity of the urine on a newborn’s soft skin can create havoc, causing red rashes that can make a baby extremely uncomfortable. A tip to counter that is using olive/mustard oil after every single nappy change. Keep cotton buds and a small unleakable bottle of mustard oil in your baby bag. Dip cotton buds in oil and apply over the areas where skin touches skin. Also keep a tab on your nappy changing times. It is easy to forget to change your baby’s diapers if you are busy with other chores, but ensure that you change your baby’s diapers after every five hours for the first few months.


  1. Listen To Your Mother in Law

Mother3There is this information overdose from BabyCenter, Google and then there is your mother in law who apparently knows everything since she has raised an xyz number of children. It is annoying at times when she keeps insisting on something which doesn’t seem logical at all. However, it is undeniable that based on their experience elders do know the best and advise with their best intentions in mind. I would seriously advise all young mothers to let their mothers in law help. She obviously will do nothing harmful to your baby (she is a grandparent after all). If something goes wrong ( which rarely does) then mother is law is to blame and here is your chance to turn your husband against his mom (ha ha) and if it works (mostly it does) you have a happy baby. Win-win.


  1. How To Put A Baby To Sleep?

Mother4Sadly, in this case, there is no one advice, that fits all. In the initial days, try various routines to figure out what puts your baby to sleep the longest. Try mobile apps for creating white noise, rocking, singing, bouncer and eventually you will discover your baby’s favorite method of going to sleep. Remember your baby is also a person. One baby might prefer being rocked to sleep while others held to sleep. Rocking your baby to sleep may seem such a hassle, but this phase is short lived and your baby will outgrow it soon. If your baby wakes up while you put his/her down, try the side lying position of breastfeeding so that there is no need to move your baby when she is asleep.


  1. Do Not Buy A Cot But Buy A Bath Seat

Mother5I would advise all the mothers to cosleep. There is nothing more energizing than waking up to your baby’s beautiful face every morning. A cot takes away the feeling of solace provided by that tiny little body pressed against you. Secondly, a bath seat is a life saver. In the initial days when your baby’s limbs are not set and there is no neck control, bathing your baby in the tub or sink can be quite tricky. In the case of a bath seat, you just open it, clasp your little human in it and viola! Bath time.




  1. Leave Baby With Someone Else. Take Baby Out

Mother6Make your baby social. Take baby out with you everywhere. To grocery stores, markets, restaurants, parties. This will not only enhance the learning process of your baby, but it will also make easy for you to go out and have a social life as your baby will not fuss when he/she will be used to going outdoors. Also try leaving her with another caretaker for a while even if you don’t work. This will give you much needed time and relaxation for yourself.


  1. If You Can’t Afford A Carrier Use Other Baby Gear As Substitute

You can buy a carrier to engage her with you in every above mentioned activity, but if you cannot afford it, you can easily substitute a pram/bouncer/play gym as a carrier if your house has open space and you can carry these items with you.




  1. If Your Baby Has Stomach Problems Use Isphagol/Anapaz Drops

If your baby is gassy, constipated or having any stomach problems Anapaz drops work great. When a baby starts crying and has a hard belly alongwith continuous wailing with a red face, and is unable to be comforted through boob or bottle give your baby four drops of Anapaz. Seconds later ,your baby will take emit gas or pass stool. Anapaz gives immediate relief to a colic and gassy baby.

collage-2017-06-22 (2)


Also, if you are a breastfeeding mother, drink  Isphagol yourself and feed your baby afterwards., your baby’s stomach issues will be resolved. In case of formula feeding, add some fennel seeds (saunf) to the boiled water for her formula.


  1. Differentiate Between Night And Day

Make your baby differentiate between day and night, it will help in setting a schedule for your baby. The easiest way to do this is to turn the lights off at exactly the same time each day and put baby to sleep.


  1. Breastfeeding On The Go? A Nursing Cover And A Medela Electric Pump Are A Must Have

If you plan to breastfeed, a nursing cover is a must. It may just be a piece of cloth in your eyes, but the way it is sewn saves you the trouble of struggling with your chaddar every time you want to feed your baby.


If you plan to breastfeed while working or wish to buy a pump so that your baby can feed on the go then go for an electric pump but before buying the pump figure out the logistics at your office. Like does it have a spare room for pumping? Does it have a refrigerator to keep expressed milk?  If your office is pumping friendly, go for breastfeeding all the way.


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