How To Be An Exemplary Mother In Law

So I had often wondered that what is the solution to reduce the tension between these two very close yet very far relationships until I came across this very enlightening post on the Facebook group Soul Sisters Pakistan which has some guidelines on how to be a better mother in law. This piece goes to the core of the problem and addresses the main issue which causes the rift between this relationship Continue reading How To Be An Exemplary Mother In Law

10 Useful Tips For The First Time Mother

Most of the first time parent advice is from women who are past the child bearing age and their baby raising memories are so rusty now that their advice is not supportive at all. That is why, as a first time mother to a six month old, I have devised a help guide for mothers and for myself so that my child bearing memories stay afresh in the form of this article online.

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A Woman’s Worst Enemy 

Originally posted on The Purple Jewel:
​This is for the women,? The fair, and weak ones Who were raised upon flower beds And the women, Who were taught that being a woman? Meant love And sacrifice.? This is for the women? Born with the same hearts That toughened with time? And words, that were harsh. The women, unpretty The women, unfit? The women who could change the world? The women who could love beyond their power? But the women nobody looked up to. A question, about the women, The treacherous, the liars, Women who are fire Who burn and break… Continue reading A Woman’s Worst Enemy