April / May Haul

I have combined the haul posts of both April and May because in April my father-in-law passed away so there wasn’t much of a haul except for these trendy culottes which I got from Trent Clothing , an online Facebook page which has the trendiest stuff for bottom wear, I must say, and at very reasonable prices.

  1. Culottes From Trent Clothing

I got these culottes for Rs. 1750 plus Rs. 150 delivery charges.FB_IMG_1498191138286-384x326


2. Shirt From Ideas by Gul Ahmed

I went to the Ideas sale to buy a gift for my friend and found this really cool shirt with statwment sleeves and the best part is that I bought this shirt for Rs.1614 only at almost 70% off. This was a steal.


3. Wallet From Ideas By Gul Ahmed

Next is this wallet which I purchased from the Ideas sale for a mere Rs.647. Its original price is Rs. 1200. The best part about this wallet is that it is very spacious with lots of pockets. I like my wallets super organized with lots of pockets.


4. Sana Safinaz Replica

I got the replica for this Sana Safinaz replica from a man in my office who has recently started his business of replicas. This is the photo of the original Sana Safinaz dress.


And below is the replica one I got stitched by my tailor. The unstiched 3 piece was for Rs.2000 only whereas the original one costs around 8k.

How is the replica? Can you guys tell the difference? Let me know in the comments below.


These are the bell bottoms to go with it



5. Khussas From Mojari

This is my second pair of khussas from Mojari. I love this Facebook page for their ease of ordering. Their shoes are reasonably priced and way better in quality than what you get in local market. These khussas were fro Rs. 1399 and delivery by Mojari is free.


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