A Self Help Training You Must Attend: The Fourth Dimension By Dr. Moiz

I have taken several trainings in my life. I learn something from every training but when when it comes to motivational trainings, I have felt that the effects only stay for a few days and fade once you hit the daily grind of life. However  “The Fourth Dimension: A Workshop On Mind Science” by Dr. Moiz is one training that I feel will stay with me forever. It is the kind of training that shakes you from the inside and makes you look at your faults like you have never before.

How? I will elaborate as I write what I learnt in this training.

The workshop was conducted at  Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology (FUUAST ) on 1st February 2017 from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. I attended this on the recommendation of a colleague.

Dr. Moiz is a renowned therapist who conducts several trainings and workshops all over the world. He is the pioneer of Yoga, Reiki, Hypnosis, Neuro-linguistic programming and many such powerful technologies. Founder of the first Yoga Institute in Pakistan, he presently conducts events, workshops and seminars in Pakistan, India, UAE, Singapore, UK and USA. He holds two doctoral degrees in Clinical Hypnosis and Meta Physics. He is a faculty member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, USA and Certified Reiki Grand Master and Teacher and Licensed Director of Silva Mind Control, USA. You can find further information here.

Fourth Dimension is one of many motivational workshops which are conducted by Dr. Moiz on a regular basis. Information can be gained from their website http://www.moizhussain.com/

Dr.Moiz started this workshop with the question pointing at some participants asking,

“Who are you?”

They replied with their names, “Shaheen”, “Maaz”, “Abdullah”

He then asked them, “If I change your name, would you change as a person?”

The answer was negative. This means that a name is just an identity and you are not your name. Then he asked again that if you people are not your names then what are you. People replied



He then stated that these were your professions and not your identities, if we changed your profession would it change your personality? The answer was of course negative. A girl replied that we are humans. He asked her to prove that she was a human. She said I have two legs, two hands. He said even an animal has these. Some people replied Muslim then he asked prove me you are a Muslim. People recited the kalima. He said even a Hindu can recite the kalmia if he learns it does that make him a Muslim? The hall was silent.

He said we are Muslims in our thoughts because we believe that there is no God but Allah. He then explained that we are just our thoughts. we are neither our names, nor our profession nor anything else. What makes or breaks us are our thoughts.

He further explained that a human being has around sixty thousand thoughts per day. And it is these thoughts that make us happy, sad, emotional depressive etc. If we trained our brain to only think about specific thoughts, we can achieve the life we want since our actions are subconsciously effected by our thoughts. And this concept is around which this whole workshop was based that how to train our thoughts to be submissive to us rather than us being submissive to our thoughts.  Plus all our conflicts are due to differences in our thoughts and our thoughts are formed by our conditioning since birth.


First Exercise

After this explanation, he proceeded with the first exercise in which we were asked to close our eyes for 28 minutes and just relax ourselves by letting loose each and every body part. This exercise left us energized and rejuvenated.

He then proceeded to explain that there are seven basic principles on which human life is based:

  1. Existence

We exist because of our thoughts, a person who thinks happy thoughts is happy a sad person is sad. Have you ever noticed that sometimes we feel sad in the happiest of events and at other times we feel happy even in the saddest of times? Our feelings are just because of our thoughts. For example, if we start thinking about a delicious plate of nihari and naan and start imagining its smell our stomach will start producing gastric juices and we will start drooling although physically there is no nihari present so basically our body actions are controlled by our thoughts not by what is physically around us so by controlling our thoughts we can control our feelings and emotions and take hold of our lives.

2. Possibility

According to Dr. Moiz, we are what we think. Everything is possible in our lives if we can imagine it. All science fiction, which was once imagination, is true today. It is true because someone thought that it was possible. The Wright Brothers saw a bird and thought it was possible to fly. Similarly, if we start thinking something is possible it will start happening itself. If we consider something as impossible, it will never happen. We win or lose in our minds and hearts before we win or lose in our lives.

3. Commitment

The third thing he said we should all adhere to strictly are our commitments, whatever we say we should stick to it. This will bring a tremendous change in our lives. And the most important commitments is the one we do with ourselves. For example if we say I am going to start eating healthy from today, do not procrastinate or be lazy. When we start keeping commitment to ourselves, we will notice the change this will bring into our lives. Second we should keep commitment to others if we say I will be there by 9 p.m. Make or break try to stick to that commitment. People will start trusting you this way.

4. Beingness

According to Dr.Moiz, we are human beings because we are identified because of our many roles such as parents, children, professionals, etc. Each of our identity is a different being and to be able to balance out everything perfectly is an art that only some humans can do.

5. Integrity

We have to learn to standby our words to establish our integrity. To prove this point, Dr.Moiz gave such a beautiful example that even Allah did not send wahi to The Prophet (P.B.U.H) immediately. Instead, it was revealed when he was forty. In the first forty years, Allah had established the Prophet’s  integrity and authenticity so well that he was given the title of Sadiq and Ameen among the Quraysh and people found it hard to accept that he could be lying that there is only one God.

6. Enrollment

Enrollment is similar to commitment, we have to enroll ourselves in all our roles so we can perform better means we have to learn to take on our responsibilities in all our roles. As a parent, as a professional ,as a spouse, we have to enroll ourselves in all our roles.

Second Exercise

After this we were asked to do the second exercise in which we identified the chakras of our body used to release the energy stored in our bodies. We were asked to imagine wheels rotating in the seven areas of our body where the chakras are assumed to be. Once we had set all the wheels going, we were then asked to bring our hands together to feel the energy between our palms.

To be honest, I did not feel anything between my palms maybe because there was a lot of mind chatter in my brain as I am going through a rough patch in my life at the moment. The mind has to be able to clutter free to be able to truly enjoy these exercises.

Third Exercise

After lunch, the third exercise was performed in which we were divided into four groups, one group was handed dusters while the second group was handed brooms and the third group was asked to polish the shoes of strangers. The point of this exercise was to develop humility and to learn to bend our egos and ourselves.


Fourth Exercise

The fourth exercise was a trick to stay young forever. In this Urooj, Mr.Moiz’s adopted daughter asked us to join our hands together, rub the palms against each other in circles, and then clap a few times.

The Life Changing Perspective

After the fourth exercise came the best part about this training which was perspective changing for me.

The key take away from this workshop was when Dr.Moiz explained the blind spots we leave in our relationships. He related his own story when he wanted to become a Yogi but his father insisted that he joined the family business. He rebelled and went against his father’s wishes. At that time his father tried to give him two lakhs to start a venture but he refused due to his ego and started from scratch. Later, when he had established a name for himself he began sending some money to his mother but never to his father. A few years later when his father was extremely sick and was admitted in the hospital his mother asked him to take Rs. 5000 to the hospital to his father. He was surprised that his father himself did not even have 5000 rupees. His mother told him that his father had lost all his fortune in a huge loss that his business suffered and she would prefer if hee gave this money to his father himself. Dr. Moiz took the money to the hospital only to find that his father had already passes away. Years later when his son was starting his own business in the US, his own son flatly refused to accept his money. Karma returned.

He narrated another story in which a man’s grave needed to be shifted to another place due to some issue. The deceased son’s consulted some maulvis and eventually the grave was dug up to move his coffin to another place but when people tried to lift the coffin it was so heavy that it could not be lifted. People were surprised and some maulvis were consulted who after some spiritual observation told the sons that this man has taken 7 lakh from someone and had not returned. The sons consulted old records and with much difficulty traced the man somewhere in Lahore. Upon reaching his whereabouts they discovered that the man had died and his family was living in extremely poor conditions. As soon as the sons payed off the loan, the body could be easily lifted and moved to a new place.

Similarly, he told another story in which a divorced woman came to him that it has been five years to her divorce and she still cannot get married. Dr. Moiz after listening to her story asked her to seek forgiveness from her ex husband. She was adamant and refused. After several counseling sessions she eventually agreed to call him up and asked for forgiveness. As soon as she did that, within months another proposal came and today she is more happier than when she was in her first marriage. The point is that sometimes when we hurt others and do not apologize sincerely our affairs stay unsolved.

He reiterated through both the above examples that do not leave blind spots in your relationships otherwise they will come back to haunt you. He said even the words we speak linger in the air forever and come back. This was the most haunting discovery for me. I realized why Huqooq ul Ibaad are more important than Huqqo ul Allah and why Huqooq ul Allah are forgivable but Huq ul Ibaad are not. This life is all about Huqooq ul Ibaad. From the day we are born, we are identified and live through our interactions with all our relationships. And the successful person is the one who manages to balances all those relationships.

Final Exercise

The final exercise was the most life changing for me as its effects I found within the first week of attending this workshop. Dr. Moiz said that if we use this technique we can basically achieve 80 to 90 percent of whatever we want in life.

The exercise was we were asked to close our eyes and relax our minds while Dr. Moiz counted to from 50 to 1. Then we were asked to imagine a building, any building . Then we were asked to imagine seven rooms in it. We were free to visualize these rooms any way we wanted. The seven rooms which we were asked to create in our minds were:

  1. The Library

You can imagine a room with books containing knowledge of the past, present and future.

2. The Room of Three Wise Men

Imagine a room where three wise men are sitting. This room is about intuition, dreasm and spiritual guidance.

3. The Art Gallery

This is a room with several art pieces hanging on the wall

4. The Time Tunnel

You can imagine a tunnel that can take you in past, present an future The Time Tunnel is not scope of this exercise. Just imagine a tunnel

5. The Healing Room

Imagine a room with medicines able to heal all ailments and illnesses

6. The Bedroom

Imagine a room designed solely for the purpose of relaxation

7. The Office

This is the room you are going to use to do your work

The Picture Technique

After imagining all these rooms, we were shown a technique that could solve life’s major problems. All we had to do was to imagine ourselves in the healing room and make a mental picture of whatever our problem was and hang it on the wall of the healing room. Then we were supposed to erase it with one swish of our hand and make a picture of whatever our desire was. Then we were supposed to take this picture and take it to the art gallery and hang it there. All this was done in the mind. The most amazing part was that I made two wishes that day using the picture technique and my first wish came true within one week of this technique and the second one I can see coming true.  Due to this one technique I highly highly recommend this workshop.

If there is one motivational training you do not want to miss, this is the one.

The downside is that their website http://www.moizhussain.com/ is poorly designed and I do not think it is updated frequently. The only contact I can recommend is the number 0300-8214703 which can be used to schedule appointments with Dr. Moiz and the Whatsapp number 0333-2332047  on which you can receive updates about his upcoming trainings, TV shows and workshops through Whatsapp messages once you sign up.

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