How My Husband Glammed Up A Boring Dress And So Can You!

This blog post is a shout out to my designer husband!

This story begins in August 2016 when a relative’s wedding was coming up and my husband (as a surprise) ordered two dresses from Hooriyas Collection . The photo he looked at when ordering was the one shown below.


The poor soul had no idea about replicas. What he got was pretty different from what was shown in the photo. There wasn’t enough cloth to makes this maxi type frock (which my poor husband wanted me to make)

He was angry and asked me to write an article on this fraud. I said there is a whole replica market and you should have asked me before ordering as this is an elan dress and how could you get an elan for half the price?

Anyways, I got it stitched by my tailor and the poor soul tried to get it made as close as possible to the one shown on the original photo (he even added extra cloth he purchased himself) and the result was as shown below.


I liked this look but my husband was disheartened.

Now in April my cousin’s wedding was coming up and my husband asked me to take that dress out from the suitcase as he wished to modify it. I was a little hesitant as I thought nothing could be done with this dress but my husband was adamant so I gave up.

However, I was pleasantly surprised when my husband turned a boring old frock into a super glamorous outfit.

What he did was that he used the dupatta to make the flare of gharara pants and bought some extra silk for the upper portion of the pants.

Since the dupatta had been used now a seperate dupatta was then bought and dyed separately. The inner shirt was shortened and some adornments were added on the gown (selected by my husband and added by the woman who stitched my bridals) and ta-da I had a completely new chic dress.

Point Blur_Apr082017_115205-571x761

Point Blur_Apr082017_115253-571x761

This is all my husband’s hard work. Tell me how you find it.

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