Party Makeup By Kiran Khan: Review

My communication with Kiran Khan started back in September 2016 when I booked her for my daughter’s birthday. I made the fifty percent advance payment on the first go, which was Rs. 3000 as the party makeup cost 6000 at the time.

However unfortunately on the day of the birthday my nephew fell sick due to gastroenteritis and we had to rush to the hospital around 3 p.m. My appointment time was 4 p.m. The driver was not free and it was such a time that I really could not ask anyone to drop me to DHA as I was near airport where my nephew was admitted. However, my husband, the sweet soul he is, somehow got the driver free around 5:30  and asked me to rush to the makeup artist. Meanwhile, I was in complete coordination with Kiran Khan throughout this and told her everything.



She waited an hour for me afterwards and said she had a doctor’s appointment and would be able to wait no further. In desperation, I even suggested to pay 2000 extra (as 500 Rs for half an hour late penalty) but she did not agree. I asked her to make my hairstyle at least but she said that I should have told before and the hair stylist had left.


I did my own makeup on my daughter’s birthday and just let it go thinking that Allah knows best.

She then messaged me the next day that I could opt for party makeup on Eid or free blow dry. I was still devastated that this had to happen on my daughter’s first birthday so I replied


Then in January 2017, my cousin’s marriage came up. I asked her to adjust my previous advance for this makeover.  After several rounds of cajoling, she finally agreed. The makeup cost had also increased by this time so she asked me to pay according to the new charges and Rs. 500 penalty to which I agreed.

This time I was fifteen minutes late due to traffic. As soon as I entered, she asked me to get changed quickly and come back. There was no word of greeting or anything. I quickly put on my dress and went to her. No doubt she has got magic in her hands, within such a short time, she managed to totally transform me. She used a combination of high end and drugstore brands to achieve the perfect glowy skin. She is seriously a Natasha in the making.


However after she was done with makeup, she asked the hair stylist to do my hair. The stylist was nice however Kiran Khan’s rudeness reached its peak at this time.

She said to the hair stylist, “Inko bolo apni gaari bula layn.” (Please ask her to call her car)

My driver was waiting right outside so I did not need to call anyone. Then she thrust the bill in my face as I was getting my hair done. I wrongly remembered that I had paid Rs. 3500 as it had been three months. When I pointed it out she again thrust her cellphone in my face showing the old receipt. I said, “Ok I didn’t remember.”

She said, “Bhot confused rhehty hayn aap” (You are a very confused person)

Then when my hair was almost done she again asked the hair stylist, “Inse poocho driver ko bula liya? (Ask her has she called the driver yet?)

And said to me very rudely, “Driver ko bula layn.” (Call the driver)

I was nearly in tears at this behavior. I picked up my things, put the money on the counter along with the receipt (a total of Rs. 5000) and walked out. She called after me that I hadn’t made the payment. I said I had left it at the counter and ran out as fast as I could.

The thing that cheered me up that day was the makeup as everyone complimented me. She is an extremely talented makeup artist however I would like her to work on her attitude.


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