March Haul!

I know its terribly late but recently I am going through a very rough patch in my life and I am not really at my best. I would like all my readers to remember me in prayers.

Here is my March haul:


I bought these Twist bell bottoms from Image Fabrics. They cost me Rs. 1500 along with delivery charges. I would like to add that I simply love the stuff displayed on Image Website. I would pay their store located at bahadurabad a visit as soon as I get the time.




I bought this peplum shirt from Ego It cost me Rs. 2100 along with delivery charges. Its a pretty cool shirt and I am thinking of pairing this with gharara pants which are yet to be purchased.




These two capes from a newly opened shop at the ground floor of Metro Star gate. The left one cost me Rs.1200 whereas the one on the right cost me Rs. 900. They were on sale.




Home slippers from Bata for Rs.350



I simply love the newly opened branch of Chase Value Centre right across from Aladdin. The variety of clothes for babies displayed there are amazing. I bought these two cuties for my baby from there. The skirts were fro Rs. 150 each and the shirts for Rs. 300 each. Everything was seperate and I made my own combination. What do you think?


This night suit was from the same branch of Chase Value Centre. It cost Rs. 200 only.



These super cute frocks were bought for Rs. 250 each from Shama Centre, Shah Faisal Colony.

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