Joy of Being Mommy

I think one of the greatest feelings is looking at your child and finding yourself.

A few days ago, I saw something that left me surprised. I saw my 20 month old daughter babbling to herself with her hands in the year. It took me twenty-five years back when I was a five year old, Back then, I created some of my very first stories literally in “thin air”. I used to make up stories in which my hands would be the characters. I would shape them differently to represent a different character. That’s how I made up some of my very first short stories. (Long long before I started writing) And here was my daughter doing the exact same thing.



When I look at her, I see different versions of me and my husband. She makes this strange noises with her lips similar which I used to make as a child. Her love for Pulao, Kababs and Kheer she gets from her father. Her love for yoghurt which she lovingly calls “daiii” come from her khaala (maternal aunt).



Her penchant for holding everything in left hand could be a sign that she may be a leftie like me and my husband. She is social and friendly like her father.And yes also a great actress. She loves books just like me and has a terrifying temper like her grandfather.




In every little habit and preference of hers, I see myself or my husband or some other member of her family. It is amazing to see that we all are just a combination of all the different people in our family yet we all are still separate individuals living different lives, fighting our own battles, Alhamdullilah and SubhanAllah.


Also, I used to say that I have never been able to hide anything from my mother because she can gauge just by looking into my eyes whether I am lying or cheating or happy or sad and sometimes she can assess that even through the tone of my voice on the telephone.

And years from now I see myself headed exactly right there because finally there is only one person I can decode to the core because she is not a part of me but in fact she is an extended modified me.


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