Top Blog Posts of 2016

It has been exactly one year  and one month since I started my blog. Previously I was thinking of celebrating this milestone by arranging a giveaway but since I do not have that many followers yet I decided yo do a top blog post of 2016 post to give recognition to the posts that had the most views

(If you click on the name of any post, you will be directed to that post)

  1. Movie Review of Actor In Law

This post garnered the most views in 2016. The reason being that this was shared on the official Facebook page of the movie and was also tweeted by the great Fahad Mustafa himself.

2.   Don’t Skirt Around Buying A Skirt

Since skirts are very in these days, last year I did a post on the availability of skirts in Karachi and this blog post was rated the second highest.

3. Me Barha ho ke Kurti Banun Ga: Converting Old Dupattas into Kurtis

I bet people are always looking for ways to recycle their old dresses due to ever increasing prices of branded clothing. That is why inspired by a random query on a fashion group,  I recycled my old lawn dupattas and got some shirts made. The results were shared in this post.

4. Kababjees: Go for the Kababs only!

My review of Kababjees restaurant is a big hit especially among people searching for Kababjees reviews online as I find this blog post gets the most traffic through search engines.

5. A Heaven For Book Lovers: 12th Karachi International Book Fair (KIBF) 2016

Although this post was made in December yet it made to the top blog posts of 2016. The heartening fact is that this shows that reading is still alive and prevalent in Pakistan

6. The Undomestic Goddess: Chick Lit that raises many questions!

This is a book review of a feel good chick lit that really gives your thoughts a new perspective

7. Getting Pampered at Najla’s: Review For Facial, Manicure and Pedicure

This is a salon review of Najla’s: my go to place for pampering these days.

8. My Teen Talwar Shopping Spree!

This is one of my first lifestyle posts and considering its popularity stay tuned to get more lifestyle posts from me

9. Working Women And The Transport Dilemma of Karachi

This was a life piece about a issue that is very close to me as a woman in Pakistan. This posts has also been featured on

10. One Shaadi, Three Looks

Another lifestyle post that really garnered good views. Since then I have done another post of the same nature here and hopefully would continue to do more posts as there are mroe weddings coming up this year.

These are the top ten posts that you guys liked last year. This year I have also started doing press releases and have started a monthly hauls series. Also I am planning to do a series on the legal rights granted to a woman by Pakistani law in collaboration with a lawyer and am planning to do some more posts on women empowerment especially related to marriage.

However , if you guys would like me to focus on some other topic, do tell me in comments. I will be more than happy to oblige.

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