Mushaf: A Life Changing Book Of Fiction

You can read how I came across this amazing book right here. This is a life changing book for me. How? Read on to find out:


In the beginning of this novel, the central plot sounds quite typical and run of the mill. An orphaned young woman who is living with her uncles and aunts who treat her just like Cinderella was treated at her home. She is filled with teenage angst, frustration and ingratitude to God. On the way to her college one day she comes across a young lady who hands her over a book saying that the knowledge contained in this book has the solutions to all her problems. Intrigued, she takes the book from her and that’s how her life changes. The religious awakening this book will provide is beyond measure. It’s a book that will make us realize our own faults.


The main protagonist Mehmil is depicted realistically carrying hopes and dreams of a typical teenager at heart. As she grows from an angry young teenager to a mature woman, the reader grows with her. The second strongest character is of Farishtay, Mehmil’s mentor, guide and later nemesis. Through Farishtay’s character the readers will discover their own flaws and the motives of their actions. As you progress through the book, at many times you will realize the mistakes we all are doing as Muslims. There are many other characters but they are all supplementary and a little atypical. However they play their part in taking the story forward really well.

Writing Style

The writing style is amazing. As the book progresses, you will start realizing the faults in your character and will get an insight into the causes of most of your problems. Although fiction but Mushaf is at times a self help book. If read properly, it will bring you closer to Allah and Quran. There are scenes that will make you go “A-ha” and change your entire perspective on life and then there are scenes where the tears wouldn’t stop (especially the scene where Farishtay recites the dua about Noor). Nimra Ahmed has definitely done her research and put her heart into the book. This book stands along the lines of Peer e Kamil by Umema Ahmed. But I couldn’t find myself in Peer e Kamil but in this book I found myself reflected in Mehmil’s character so many times.


This is a must read book. We all have problems in our lives yet we seek solutions elsewhere whereas Allah has granted us a book with all solutions fourteen hundred years ago. When it comes to relationships, we all consider ourselves on the right side putting the other person as wrong. If we thoroughly analyze the situation, we will get to see where our mistakes are. You will have to read this book to believe it.

This is one book that is highly recommended by me.

Quotable Quotes

There are some really thought provoking quotes mentioned in this book.

Here is a great argument for people who think that Quran just needs to be read at face value to earn sawaab.



And this, in my opinion, is the best line from this book




This book can be purchased from Liberty Books for Rs.380 from here. Liberty Books ships all over Pakistan and I can vouch for their prompt delivery services as I have personally ordered online from them.

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2 thoughts on “Mushaf: A Life Changing Book Of Fiction

  1. I totally agree with your statement, reading this book was indeed a life changing experience for me and I believe it was the same for all those who read it.


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