February Haul!

For the monthly hauls series, here is a list of the notable buys of February

These stylish chappals for wuzu (Muslim Ablution) during office hours. Got these for Rs. 200 from Bata on sale.  The material is such that they can easily be used in water





Elf Beautifully Bare Blush in Peach Perfection          Rs. 850 from http://www.elfcosmetics.pk





Luscious Cosmetics Deluxe Diva Brush Set

Got this brush set from luscious cosmetics from their 25% off sale. It cost me Rs.2138 (Rs. 1988 plus Rs.150 for delivery). I must say I was super impressed by the delivery service. I ordered on Wednesday afternoon and got them on Thursday morning.

Bought this belt from Fashion Accesories By GoRage

I will wear it with a silk batman sleeves shirt I got stitched last month. The belt cost me Rs.500 plus Rs.95 delivery charges.

It looks something like this when worn




I bought this Magic Ball Tent with 100 different colored balls for my baby. It cost me Rs. 1620 from Saeed Super Store, Model Colony whereas its original price is Rs. 2500 online and in many shops. Such a #SastaSolution

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