Say NO to Objectification of Women!

If there is one thing I cannot stand i.e. objectification of women whether its through item numbers, sexual innuendos or using them for cheap advertising. And I got an amazing chance to stand against the latter today when today a supplier brought me a  hanging calendar wrapped in Jazz packaging.

I got happy that I would put up at the front of the entrance to my office space. I eagerly opened it and was seriously put off when I found Nargis Fakhri on the cover page!



Turning more pages revealed that there was the same girl posing seductively on every single page!

I traced the supplier’s cell phone through much effort and immediately called  him to take the calendar back and gave him a piece of my mind that how can he expect me to hang this calendar anywhere in my office?

I told him what was he expecting when he gave me this?






wp-1487298621588.jpgI work in the engineering department where I am the only female and have to battle gender stereotyping all the time. I simply cannot stand objectification of women in selling technology! I am not against using women for advertisements but using women in seductive poses and tight clothing is a major NO NO! and I would never hang this in my office.


The supplier then asked me to give this to someone else. I refused and asked him to take this back immediately.






I hope I did the right thing in standing against women objectification.

What do you guys think? Did I do the right thing? What would have you done in this situation?

What have you done in your lives to stand against objectification?
Tell me your stories! I would love to hear.





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