Lets Gift Books This Valentine’s Day  

People say dogs are a man’s best friend but in my opinion books deserve this title more. Books provide entertainment without asking anything in return. And don’t we all want companions who want no expectations from us?
That is why if you are wondering what to gift your loved one this Valentines day try giving a book. I am sure you are all done with giving clothes, dinners, flowers, cakes, chocolates.

This year give a book for the following reasons:

1. Your loved one will remember you every time he/she looks at that book

2. You will not gift your loved one a book only but you will gift them a time of recreation and entertainment

3. They will love your consideration if you give them a book relating to their favourite hobby or pastime e.g. you can give a recipe book to someone who loves cooking, religious book to someone who is religious and so on.

4. You can personalize the books you give to add a personal touch to them. I still have two books given to me by friends with funny comments written on the title page which remind me of them

5. A book is a timeless gift. All material things wear away with time but the words in a good book stay with the person forever.

Here are some suggestions for books in different categories

1. Cooking

This recipe book by Shireen Anwar is a must have for all cooknig lovers. It has desi as well as non desi recipes to cater to all taste buds and includes recipes to some amazingly mouth watering desserts as well.  This is a great gift if your bae is into cooking.

Masala Morning By Shireen Anwar

2. Self Help

If your bae is going through a tough time in his/her life, a self help book could show them the solution to his/her problems. When it  comes to self help books, Stephen R. Covey is undoubtedly the leader. This life changing book is a must read.

The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People By Stephen R. Covey 

3. Classic

Everyone these days is following the series Sherlock. However the books are always far more interesting than movies. If your significant other is following the series religiously surprise him/her by giving them a Sherlock Holmes case book which they will definitely enjoy.

Sherlock Holmes

4. Horror

For the friend who likes to get scared. Give him/ her some chills this Valentine by gifting  the chilling Dracula by Bram Stoker

Dracula by Bram Stoker

5. Thriller

A thriller lover willl love you more if you gift him/her this unputdownable book by Sidney Sheldon. The character of Tracy Whitney in this book will stay with you forever.

If Tomorrow Comes By Sidney Sheldon

6. Romance

For the romantic lover this book would be the dream come true:

The Twilight Saga Collection By Stephenie Meyer

7.Bollywood Fan

We all have that one friend who loves Bollywodd flicks like no other. For him/her this autobiography of the king of Masala Films will be the best gift ever.

An Unsuitable Boy By Karan Johar & Poonam Saxena

8. Comedy

For the friend who would love some laughs into his/her life, this book by Sophie Kinsella is the perfect gift.

The Undomestic Goddess By : Sophie Kinsella

9. Religion

For someone who is quite spiritual and religious, this work of fiction by Nimra Ahmed will appeal to him/ her immensely.

Mushaf By  Nimra Ahmed

10. Pakistani Fiction

If your bae is very patriotic and would rather read the works pf Pakistani writers, this is one book you should gift him/her.

Moth Smoke By : Mohsin Hamid

If you are worried about the availability of these books do not fret as Liberty Book Store has got amazing discounts and offers for Valentine’s Day and all the books mentioned above are available at their outlets as well as their website. In addition, Liberty Books offers free delivery all over Pakistan.

You can find out more here:

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