Meray Cousin Ki Shaadi Hai!

Last week was my first cousin’s wedding and here are the looks I carried on all three days


Dress: I got this dress unstitched as a gift at my Shaadi. I got this stitched two years ago at another wedding with a round hemline and a spacious dhaka pyjama.

Jewellery: The rings are from my bridal set that I wore at my wedding and the Maatha Patti was from my very favourite jewellery shop in Madina Market, Model Colony which stocks the latest jewellery trends.

Shoes: Not visible in this photo were the ones that I wore with my bridal dress on my wedding. Four years and these pretty shoes are still going strong. They cost Rs.5000 from Stylo at the time but in terms of comfort and durability they are amazing.

Here is their photo from my wedding album|:





A tail maxi designed by my husband.

Here is the tail back



From Gold Mark Mall D.H.A. Phase-1


Bought from Borjan Rs. 1500




Black net Sari I got in my bari


This is the set I got on my nikkah.


The same fancy black shoes I wore at the wedding

This is the hairstyle I got made from Beauty & Shapes Salon near Safoora Chowk


Let me know how you found all three looks.

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