sunday evening sillymony (jumping the lingo shark)

This is a very interesting poem. I do not know which form is this but this looks super difficult to try.

unbolt me

my name is easy to say
a toe and knee mashed together
in unholy letterimony

your name is a greasy splay
ass rubbed over ground and heather
an abstruse errormony

fine, i’ll sound out yours instead
a tat and eye fronting anna
let this be my proud zestimony

tati clears her aural drumhead
making sure there’s no banana
her sight bodes ill for testytony

tati (thinking):
gosh, why’s it often this way
when i teach tony ukrainian?
so sick of paying fallimony!

tony (thinking):
damn it all, my dwindling cred!
perhaps i’ll gift this geranium
as fond proof of our palimony?

© All rights reserved 2017

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