All About Bottoms

The fashion industry is finally bored of revamping itself by changing the length of the shirts only. So this season is all about stylish and funky bottoms. Where the tops mainly consist of the ubiquitous kurtis, the bottoms are varied and many. Here are some of the bottoms that are being donned by fashionistas these days:

1. Bell Bottoms

These boot legged trousers with short shirts are the rage these days. Fitted from the thighs but loose from the knees, the bell bottoms are a trouser that speak style like no other.
Price: 600 (high street) to 5000 (high end)


Gul Ahmed


Gulf Shopping Mall

RJ Shopping Mall

What I have:

I got these stitched by my tailor



2. Bell bottoms with Organza patch or embroidered or cutwork detailing

The designers have taken the regular bell bottom to a whole new level by incorporating organza patches at the bottom or cutwork detailing. These look really hip and chic with short kurtis.


Same as normal bell bottoms



Image Fabrics



Gulf Shopping Mall

RJ Shopping Mall,

Several Facebook Retail Pages

What I have:

I got these from the Facebook page of Qaiseraa’s Collection




3. Tulip Shalwars

The shalwars are back albeit with a twist. The tulip shalwars are the latest in thing these days with all the style divas rocking it with kurtis, peplum or shirts. The tulip is a very versatile shalwar. There are two types of tulip, one is where it is stitched like a shalwar but just at the pynchas it has a vertical slit and the other design has a patch at the front on which there is some embroidery or detailing.


Rs. 500 to 5000




Beech Tree

Maria B


Every market stocks them in every imaginable color

Model Colony Market

Gulf Shopping Mall

Gold Mark

Imtiaz Super Market

                                                                       Qaiseraa’s  Collection

What I have:

I have three tulips

Bought From Model Colony Market Rs. 600
Bought From Maria B. Rs. 980
Bought From Qaiseraa’s Collection Rs. 1600

4. Phulkari Pants

These are straight pants made with phulkari material. They look really cool with monochrome chicken shirts or denim ones.


Rs. 1500 onwards


Haven’t seen any brand stocking them, they are easily available at RJ shopping mall and Gulf shopping mall

What I have:

One pair bought from Gulf Shopping Mall

5. Gharara Pants
The gharara is back in casual. Yes in the form of gharara pants, ghararas have hit the stores again. The gharara pants are not as flowy as the retro ghararas nevertheless they are not normal but are funky as ever.


Rs. 600 to 5000


Rang Ja


Gulf Shopping Mall

RK shopping mal

What I have:

I got these for Rs. 600 from Gulf Shopping Centre


Disclaimer: The list of brands included in the availability section is not comprehensive and is based on my observations and shopping experiences. If you have seen any of these bottoms at any other retail outlet/market/bazaar, do inform me and I will update the post accordingly.

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