Baithak: Best Choice For A Delicious Hearty Breakfast!

At my last workplace, our peon used to bring these super delicious aloo ke parathas from Boat Basin. I left that job five years ago but was never able to forget the taste of those aloo ke parathas. I often asked my husband to take me to boat basin for breakfast but due to family commitments on weekends the plan never materialized until yesterday when finally my husband, sick of his diet breakfast for the whole week finally decided to go to Boar Basin to have parathas. We headed towards Baithak on the suggestion of a friend.


The interior is nothing to be proud of so if you are the type who has exquisite taste for ambience or surroundings this place is not for you. Like most eateries at Boat Basin, Baithak has deevans covered with gao takkias and plush covers giving a very desi seating arrangement however if you go inside there are dining table and chairs as well but nothing too fancy. The tables do not have table covers and the aisles are narrow.


As I mentioned before, all my food reviews will feature the cutlery used in restaurants as I think good cutlery is really important in setting up an ambience. Plain white plates, simple steel spoons, tea served in styrofoam cups. Baithak is apparently a restaurant that does not like to invest in the nitty gritties.


There are no printed menus and the entire menu is stored in the waiter’s head who will come to your table and narrate it to you. The place has parathas, nihari, halwa puri juices and tea.


The service is neither tòo good nor too bad. I would rate it as pretty average. In fact the waiters seemed a little irritated or maybe it was just my thinking.


I think my husband went a little overboard when he ordered aloo ke parathas, chicken cheese parathas, halwa puri and nihari for us. This is a lot for two people who head to office everyday on a hastily prepared breakfast. Lets analyze each item we ordered one by one:

Aloo ke parathas

As I mentioned above that I always missed those aloo ke parathas so these parathas were as good as ever but they stood second this time because I found the chicken cheese parathas to be way more tastier than them. The parathas are a must have if you ever go here.


Although I am not a big nihari fan but the nihari at this place was quite delicious. There wasn’t much oil and the meat was soft and succulent oozing with the right amount of spices.

Halwa Puri

You better leave this item from your breakfast if you are heading to Baithak. Not because they taste awful but I feel that their halwa puri wasn’t exceptional, you can get it from anywhere. The only good thing about their halwa puri is thwt the puri was not greasy at all (a definite plus in my books).

Doodh Patti

The doodh patti was below average and the way it was served in Styrofoam cups was a big turn off for me. Even traditional steel glasses or ceramic bowls would have looked better.

Chicken Cheese Parathas

These were no doubt the star of the show or rather breakfast. Served, cut in four quarters of a whole paratha, each quarter is a whole paratha in itself due to the heavy filling. The delicious cheesy filling will leave you wanting more. These are one of a kind parathas which I doubt are available anywhere else.


This whole breakfast for three persons cost around Rs.1600. I think it could have been less since we had ordered a lot and this amount of breakfast could easily have been enough for four people since the quantity is sufficient and the parathas with filling are quite heavy so that two people can eat one paratha.


Overall it is a great choice if you are looking for a cheap hearty breakfast on a weekend morning.

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