Breakfast Must Have: ​Puffy Pizza Omelette

This is my most ultimate favorite thing for breakfast on weekends and all my in laws love it. I have become some sort of an egg queen among my in laws after this.

The best part is that  although the recipe of this omelette contains so many ingredients,  I have observed that even if you change/modify the vegetables as per availability the omelette remains as good as ever.

Serving Size: 1 person

However, when you are making this omelette for the first time, I would advise you to use all the ingredients to get the perfect pizza taste. Later on you can get more experimental and adjust the ingredients  especially vegetables according to what you have got available in  your pantry. I have occasionally skipped some vegetables or added the ones I wanted like carrots, onions etc. Also the more ingredients you put, the heavier it gets so if you are on a diet or something its better to rethink what you are putting inside this omelette.
However, the three key ingredients which you must never skip are Oregano, all purpose flour (maida) and cream. Cream can also be skipped but without cream the omelette does not turn out as fluffy as I like it. If you are ok with a limp looking omelette, you do not need to add cream either.

The rest  of the ingredients can be skipped/modified as per your taste. For example you may not like sausages or mushrooms or cheese.and may like to omit them from the final platter.
P.S. I always skip step no.1 on the recipe as I have no idea what it means

Also, the recipe contains smoked ham since its from, I use smoked sausages instead.

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