Iblees: Short Stories For A Short Stay

Last month, I went to Rawalpindi for meeting family and a short vacation. Books and vacations go hand in hand for me. Since I was unable to buy books before leaving Karachi (because the decision to visit Pindi was made in such a haste). I bought them from a local stationery shop near where I was staying. (thankfully stationery shops in Rawalpindi stock fiction books unlike Karachi). Since all the English titles at the shop were the ones I had already read (Sidney Sheldon, Jeffrey Archer, and some other YA Authors I had never heard of), I opted to buy Urdu Novels instead. When the shopkeeper showed me novels by Nimra Ahmed, I was immediately intrigued. The moment he took out Mushaf the decision was made. I had heard so much about this novel that I decided to buy it right away. Seeing my excitement, the shopkeeper showed me two more novel by Nimra Ahmed and just like clothes shopping I cannot control myself when I am buying books and I decided to buy the two others as well: Iblees and Meray Khwaab Meray Jugnu by the same author. This blog post is about the first book I read out of the above three: Iblees.

Iblees is basically a collection of four short stories, the first of which is called Iblees.


The stories follow different themes and plots. The first one Iblees is about a very handsome professor. The story touches subtly on the topic of spiritual and physical love and leaves the reader with a very strong message in the end. The second story “Ahmaq Tamashaayi” has an ending that is has just a little too much deux ex machina. The third story “Hadd” is the most interesting and keeps the reader in suspense till the end. The last story “La Pata” is about a very different kind of unrequited love and is tinged with so much sadness that once you close the book you keep on thinking about this story for quite some time.


Iblees has characters that are a little hard to believe. In the first story, the writer has used quite a clichéd representation of characters bordering on fantasy to convey a very important message. In the second story you actually develop feelings for the loneliness of the main protagonist and the ending leaves with you the feeling that this is the wrong closure.  The third and fourth story have the strongest characters. They are as realistic as the people we see around us.

Writing Style

The writing style is very digest like so if you are into Urdu digests this book will definitely appeal to you.


Iblees is a very light read,the type of book you can carry on a long train or plane journey when you just want to relax your mind and want to escape the drudgeries of your life. At least, that’s what this book did for me

Overall it was a perfect vacation companion.

You can find books by Nimra Ahmed here.

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