A Lunch Box For Adults: A Review Of Shakir’s Collection

Remember that cute lunch box your mom packed you as a child. I had this cute red lunch box with an image of a carrot printed on it. It was so “in” back in the 90’s.

As I joined office, initially I used to order from outside but eventually it got boring (as there weren’t many options where I worked) as well as expensive. Then I started to take lunch from home.

Now a new issue arose. I used to take my lunch box in a plastic container held in a gift bag. The gift bag would tear in a few days because of all the grease my desi food oozed. (The grease in our desi foods even seeps through the containers…eew) Then one day while browsing Shakir’s collection website, I came across this lunch bag.




First, let me give you an introduction to Shakir’s collection. Shakir’s Collection is basically a shop that makes all kinds of organizers and holders to ease de cluttering your home. And since I am a big fan of organizing stuff, I love the stuff this shop has on offer. It has everything required for organizing shoes, jewellery, cosmetics, bags you name it. Some of the ideas are so innovative that one is seriously surprised.

I got this tie hanger  about two years ago from this shop as a gift for my husband and he loves it.


Back to the lunch box, I saw the lunch box and immediately fell in love with it.


There is a bottle holder where you can carry your water bottle and on the front there is a mesh pocket as well for carrying spoons, ketchup pouches etc.

Here is the interior view:


On the right side is the compartment where you can keep lunch boxes easily. It is so versatile. It looks quite small but is in fact quite spacious. At times I have taken two lunch boxes in it (when I wanted to eat both roti and rice). Plus I also used to carry my Medela pump in it along with my lunch box when my baby was born. (Yes! It is THAT spacious!). On the left there is a side pocket for holding spoons, ketchup pouches etc. You can carry ample stuff in this lunch box.

The best part about this lunch box is that it is of parachute material which means that it absorbs grease stains and is really easy to wash plus the black colour does not get dirty easily and even after a use of six months this bag still looks new and the handbag carrying style is the cherry on the cake. It looks so chic and cool.

In short if you are a office going person who takes lunch from home and hates tiffins and those gift bags, this super cool multipurpose bag is a must have in your office gear.

Happy Lunching!

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