Argo: A Fiction Like True Story

Sibling time again. Last month, my brother was visiting from Saudia after one year and whenever we meet we three pick a movie we all think we will like and enjoy. This time it was my sister’s selection, Argo.


The plot is based on a true story. Actually, Argo is a retelling of a real mission of the CIA that took place at the time of Iranian Revolution. The mission was to rescue six diplomats who were trapped in Iran after the attack on American Embassy in Iran. The actual plan to carry out this CIA task and the way it was executed is what makes Argo so unbelievable.


Ben Affleck is the main character who plays Tony Mendes, the heroic CIA agent who hatched the plan and was responsible for its execution. Affleck is undoubtedly great as the genius CIA agent who thinks of a way to get those diplomats out. The method seems too good to be true but receives the heads up from the government because none of the other agents can think of a better plan.


The rest of the six diplomats played by Alan Arkin, John Goodman, Tate Donovan, Clea DuVall and Scoot McNairy are more like extras in the movie since the main focus of the movie is always on the mission and never on the feelings and emotions of the characters involved.


The execution is superb. Although it is a little hard to grasp what is going on the movie in the beginning. I had read the initial plot on Wikipedia (sometimes I do that to gauge whether I will like the movie or not) so it was easier for me to understand the beginning but others may find the starting a little confusing. However, once the plan is hatched and its execution starts, the movie is truly gripping. The last few scenes are very engrossing and leave you wanting to read up more about the actual mission. For a movie that is based on a true CIA assignment which is not as exciting in real as it seems on paper, the execution is pretty outstanding.

One of the intense last scenes from Argo Source:

PG Rating

The movie is totally vulgarity free and you can watch it with your whole family but be wary that your whole family may not enjoy it if they are fan of masala movies. Despite its action and thriller, this movie just won’t make it to the top favorite movies for some because of its lack of physical action.


Overall, if you are a thriller fan, Argo is a must watch. Also as a bonus fact, if you didn’t know, this movie won the best picture Oscar in 2012.

Argo Facts

You can read up the real mission behind Argo here. But I would suggest you to read this piece after watching the movie since this contains a lot of spoilers and you will also get to know what actually happened. I would strongly recommend reading this after watching the movie to complete the Argo experience.

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