Ode to Javed: My Multi Talented Ex House Boy

When my houseboy announced that he wished to quit, I was devastated. I started having headaches and panic attacks. That is because from day one of our marriage, I have had help to manage all the house chores and to find all that burden falling on my shoulders all of a sudden came as a shock.

Plus my houseboy was superb. He had been with me for a long time and he knew how things worked around the house and he managed them just the way I wanted. He ws attuned to my routine. After every party, he would leave my kitchen shining and clean. After every meal, he would do the dishes and put them just as I wanted. He would wash clothes, make perfect gol rotis, tend to my father in law and mother in law’s needs. In fact he was part bahu of the house. Plus he used to make the most amazing Chai! (I still miss it)

After his announcement of leave, he stayed a few more weeks. One day I came from office, decided what to cook and took out its recipe. The recipe required cutting and frying onions. As soon as I opened my fridge, there it was: a bag of perfectly sliced onions lying inside. I had tears in my eyes. Its like he could read my mind and did things before I even asked them to be done. We had such amazing chemistry. I know I sound comical but seriously the leaving of house help does leaves so many memories especially if he/she was good. My houseboy was a part cook as well

He taught me the most amazing daal chawal and vegetable dishes (I will share the recipes soon here). I taught him Chinese and spaghetti. (He had a penchant for learning new dishes). He was also great for running errands like getting  vegetables, yoghurt and masalas from shop.
I am still amazed that why he left. He said that he is leaving because he could not continue two jobs at the same time. (In the mornings he used to work at my husband’s previous office). We have an inkling that he may have found a better paying job (after all, everybody has the right to a better life) or sometimes I think I may have overburdened him since he used to take care of everything around the house, I had gotten quite lazy. Also, I am also guilty of not increasing his pay recently.

This post is in fact to raise awareness that how lucky we are to have such luxuries in life and we tend to overlook them when they are part of routine. Please take care of your maids, drivers and servants. After all, they are just as important as any body else in your family since in a way they also help to keep the wheels of your daily life running smoothly.

Featured Image: person-looking-searching-clean from Pexels.com

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