Chunky Monkey: Fun For All!

When my sister in law planned an evening out at Chunky Monkey with our young babies, I was skeptical that I would enjoy myself since any entertainment avenue in Karachi that caters to children has nothing for adults and vice versa. However, Chunky Monkey is one unique entertainment option in the city that has something for every age group. It is the latest amusement park at Sea View right before Hyperstar. For exact location, check out this link:

Chunky Monkey – Sea View
B-1, Khayaban e Sahil, Main Seaview, Defence Housing Authority, Karachi.
Call: (92-21) 35248117-18,

The reviews on the internet were not exceptionally favorable with some reviewers claiming it to be extremely expensive to others saying there are not enough rides for young kids or babies. Upon my visit, I found both statements to be false. As soon as our car neared the Chunky Monkey building, I noticed a treacherously steep tower-like contraption with people sitting on the seats attached to it hanging the open air. I literally jumped in my car seat at the sight of it. My sister in law held my hand to contain my excitement, but I was eager to enter as the last time I sat in this type of ride was in Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens and the experience was the most memorable of my life.


As we paid the tickets (Rs.50 each), and entered the arena, I was overwhelmed. Chunky Monkey hosts a variety of options for thrill seekers with enough adventurous, scare inducing rides. For starters, there is the dangerous plunger (the tower like contraption I mentioned above) that raises people, whilst they are strapped to their seats, as high as a four-storey building and after that they are dropped totally under the force of gravity. This is the closest experience to Bungee Jumping in Karachi.


The second adventurous ride is called “Aladdin’s Carpet” and it swivels seats round and round at a mind-boggling speed. I had previously enjoyed this one in the famous Tent Park, Riyadh (where it was called Crazy Wave) and in this ride I had lost my cap when blown by the wind it flew away to nowhere as the ride gained speed. My advice is to leave your light weight clothing items behind in order not to lose them. Also, make sure this ride is your last because it can leave your legs hurting as your body bangs against the seat while the ride thrusts you at a motion that would propel you downwards at a sickening speed if it wasn’t for the seat belts.



A much less dangerous but nevertheless enjoyable ride is the ship that takes the public far above the ground, offering a breathtaking aerial view of Karachi. Do not eat before embarking on this ride as the flip flop your stomach goes through as the ride moves up and down can cause all the contents of your tummy to tumble outwards, especially if you have vertigo.

If you are brave enough to live through some crazy spinning, do not leave the spinning ride in which you sit strapped to your seat while the seats spins round. The catch is that the ground on which this seat is attached also rotates. Meaning you will find yourself rotating like planet earth in all directions. Despite being adventurous, I don’t think I will ever have the heart to attempt this one. Additionally, there is a train and carousel and various other, shaking and moving rides for teenagers and young kids.

Chunky Monkey hasn’t forgotten the youngest Karachiites and in the basement includes several rides and swings safe for babies as young as four months. Shaking cars, flying helicopters, revolving animals, mini carousels and what not, the plethora of rides that Chunky Monkey has to offer will provide kids plenty of enjoyment. Apart from rides, there is Air Hockey, basketball, robots challenging to grab a stuffed toy or candy within time limits. In fact, there is a ride for everybody.


An amusement park is incomplete without dodging cars and Chunky Monkey has put up a really amusing ride for bumping car fanatics. The cars at Chunk Monkey are incredibly enjoyable with plenty of jolts and thrusts as one drives them. The duration of the car ride is also quite long unlike other parks where the ride stops after a first few turns.



There is also a 7D cinema, an ATM machine and a prayer area, meaning families can easily plan an all day out at Chunky Monkey. Overall, Chunky Monkey is an awesome entertainment outlet for the amusement park deprived Karachiites and I hope it stays that way, unlike several preceding parks, which started off with great hype but afterwards turned into hangouts for criminals and lawbreakers.

Note: There is another branch of Chunky Monkey inside Nisar Shaheed Park which is equally good as this one. Some rides are different though. I will try to put up photos from that branch as well.

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