How To Take Care Of A Baby With Measles

Lets pray that you never have to open this link because Measles is a disease the vaccine of which is due at 9 months (or 12 months if you are abroad) and therefore this is a disease that can easily be prevented.

In my case I took my baby to a hospital a week before vaccination for getting a cough checked and my hunch is that this was probably the place from where she got the disease. Although I got her vaccinated later but the virus had probably entered her system and manifested a week later in the form of a cough and cold.  I started antibiotics but her fever wouldn’t go down and her cough wouldn’t stop either. After two days of these symptoms, it seemed she had trouble swallowing and stopped eating solids altogether.


Her fever would subside from Panadol but would return in a few hours. It would range from 101-102. She was irritable and very clingy. The same night a red rash started to appear on her face.Next day was a Sunday so we took her to a relative who is a child specialist. She saw her face and immediately declared that she had got measles.


Thus started the toughest week of my life. My baby was in pain with fever that would go high as 104 degrees. Her face was getting redder and a time came when she couldn’t even open her eyes due to the measles in her eyes. She was taking only breastfeed.

I would like to use my experience to go into the details to help parents on how to take care of your baby in case he/she gets this disease:



Sadly Measles recedes in its own sweet time (usually 7 days) and there is not much you can do about it except make this time comfortable for your baby. Stay with your baby throughout. If you are a working woman its better to take an off for a week. I moved to my mom’s with the baby so I wouldn’t have to worry about house chores and responsibilities and could devote myself totally to taking care of my baby. Your baby won’t be able to swallow at all so provide baby with lots of fluids and milk especially breastfeed if the baby is breastfed. Use Panadol to bring down the fever and comfort your baby a lot. Cuddle him/her, sing lullabies and stay close to baby as much as possible. Measles is not harmful itself but it weakens the immune system leaving baby susceptible to more severe diseases like eye and ear infections etc. My baby had a severe chest infection that was close to turning to Pneumonia so the doctor instructed me to follow all the medications and instructions carefully. I used saline drops to clean my baby’s nose and eyes thoroughly. She was also prescribed Ceclor, Synergy and Brittanyl to cure chest infection. Take your baby to a doctor as soon as possible so that your baby can be provided with adequate medication to prevent the onset of other diseases. Measles can cause blindness, deafness or even brain damage if not treated properly so be very very careful.

Home Remedies

I am a firm believer in desi totkas and old wives’ tales as I have seen fantastic results with them in curing my baby’s constipation and allergies ( I will do a separate post on these). For Measles I cannot vouch for their efficacy but as I was leaving no stone unturned to get my baby cured, I did everything my mother in law or anyone else told me to. These are some home remedies that may help you:

Get a batch of neem leaves and when your baby is in pain, comfort baby by massaging baby’s body with neem leaves. Also spread Neem Leaves and Khakseer around your baby’s bed. Here is a photo of Khakseer. I got it from a hakeem shop in Liaquat Market, Model Colony, Karachi.


Take some Munaqqa (photo shown bought from the same Hakeem shop mentioned above), slit it in half, remove the seed and add Khakseer in the place of the seed. Roast them on the tawa and feed them to your baby. My baby did not eat it much as she had pain swallowing so I tried the alternate method. Boil some Munaqqa in water, sieve the water and then store it in a bottle and feed that water to your baby. I gave one teaspoon of this water to my baby twice daily. It kept her bowel movements in control and she did not get any diarrhea.

Deseeded Munaqqa with Khakseer inserted inside

Tie anything made of gold around the baby’s neck and tie heeng wrapped in cloth around the baby’s ankle.

Also don’t bathe your baby until the measles start disappearing and you see some skin shedding off. Boil some Neem leaves in water and use that water to cleanse your baby.

Religious Treatment

Recite Surah Rehmaan,blow it on some water and store that water in a bottle. Give this water to your baby. InshaAllah your baby will have a speedy discovery.

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