Five Things You Didn’t Know About Stress

Last week, my organization sent me on a course “Stress Management and Therapeutic Techniques” organized by BodyWorks Pakistan. The two hour session was quite enlightening as I was introduced to new concepts about stress and depression.

The session started with the introduction of Bodyworks Pakistan. Bodyworks is an innovative Ortho-Neuro-Sports-Physio-Magneto-Therapy-center in Pakistan introduced. It is a stress management and physiotherapy centre which seeks to bring the latest innovation in the fields to Pakistan (or so they claim as I haven’t ever visited any other physiotherapy centre in Pakistan so I cannot verify). I learnt quite a lot in this session which I have penned down below:

1. Stress is caused by lack of blood circulation to the brain

Brain in Head by “SmokedSalmon”

According to common assumption, stress is all about over thinking, over analyzing and pondering over issues that are not that significant at all but are magnified a hundred times more due to a delay in their solution or because of their occupation of our minds 24/7. Although this definition of stress is partially true but there is a medical cause of stress as well. Medically, stress occurs when blood circulation to the entire brain is not proper and therefore due to lack of blood our brain cannot function as properly as it is supposed to. This lack of blood is due to our sedentary lifestyles. Remaining in one posture throughout the day is not medically feasible at all and does more harm to the body than good.


2. This blood circulation can be restored by praying five times a day

A Middle Eastern Man Praying (

This blood circulation can be restored by getting those joints into motion which stay in one place throughout the day due to our postures and lifestyles and the easiest way to do this, according to the physiotherapist present in the session, is Namaz. I will not go into the oft repeated spiritual benefits of Namaz but praying five times a day mobilizes the joints, which otherwise we may not move during the course of the day. The movements in rukuh and sujood enhance blood circulation throughout our body hence keeping us healthy and fit. So next time there is a call to the adhan, get out your prayer mats and get ready for some exercising if not for Allah then for keeping healthy and fit.

3. Stress is caused by exposure to wrong Magnetic Fields

Photo by Alejandro Escamilla

According to the session, there are two types of magnetic fields in the universe. Good and bad. The good magnetic field is present in mother nature and the bad magnetic field is in computers, Wi fi , microwaves to which we are exposed to more than the mother nature’s magnetic fields. This results in an imbalance in our body which ultimately leads to stress.



4. Get in touch with good magnetic fields

Sport Running Shoes Park (

To counteract the effect of bad magnetic field, we need to introduce good magnetic fields in our lives. For that the easiest thing to do is to go out for a walk everyday when mother nature is in full bloom preferably early in the morning. So put down your mobile phones, shut down your computers and step out. Explore mother nature, head to the park, go for a walk. Minimize the time you are exposed to equipment that produces bad electromagnetic energy waves.


5. There is a machine to get in touch with magnetic fields and reduce stress

Obviously partially, this session was an advertisement for Bodyworks so we were given an introduction to magneto therapy, a newly introduced technology in Pakistan (available only at Bodyworks) that introduces good magnetic fields in our body through a machine. The machine is built like a MRI machine into which you are placed inside and are exposed to the magnetic fields that can cure pain, stress etc.

If you think you are overstressed, praying and minimizing cell phone and computer usage can be baby steps to a happy and healthy life. Or you can opt for magneto therapy if you feel your stress is effecting your daily life.

Featured Image: “Very Busy Businessman” by Jesadaphorn (

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