Don’t Skirt Around Buying a Skirt

The second western attire to take our desi fashion by storm after the jumpsuit is the skirt. Patterned, plain, casual, formal you name it, skirts are being seen quite often round the block and one of the most asked questions on any fashion forum is this

“Where to find skirts?”

I decided to tackle this problem head on and went on a skirt finding rampage for Eid.

Note: If you can afford a skirt by Threads & Motifs, then lucky you, what are you waiting for go ahead. For others like me, who are looking for reasonable alternatives for a Rs. 22000 skirt, read on.

Pin It, Vincy Mall

My first stop was Pin It at Vincy Mall about which I came to know through a Facebook Group. Pin it has a very nice spacious outlet loaded with skirts and blouses. I liked the gold colored skirt on display at the entrance immediately and went ahead to try it. As good as it looked on display, upon wearing it I found it to be closely resembling to a lehenga. One thing I discovered that day that it is really had to carry around a formal skirt without looking like a lehenga so beware of this faux paus.

Formal Skirt that looks like a lehenga

I tried another black one made with some shimmery material. This looked rather good but I was looking for something semi formal so I did not buy this one. There were more simple cloth skirts as well. In fact, there is a lot of variety of skirts and blouses so if you are looking for an outlet where you can purchase skirts after trying and testing then Pin It is definitely the place to be.



  • Trial Room Available
  • Good variety of skirts (casual, semi formal. Formal)


  • A little on the high range
  • There is not much variety in formal wear skirts

Ajia Collection

Another option for skirts I came across is the Facebook page of Ajia collection. To be honest, I am not really a big fan of purchasing clothes online especially from home based sellers considering the rate of fraud and deception in this country. But I really liked the skirts on the page of Ajia collection and when I came to know that she has an outlet at Seher Commercial, this was a dream come true. I went to Ajia after a frantic search of one hour (in the end learning that the shop was quite close to my home and the owner had totally misguided me). So take my advice, if you ever want to visit the outlet of Ajia collection ask her for Google Map directions instead of the verbal ones which will take you nowehere (And I mean that!)

The shop at Seher Commercial is a tailoring shop with some designs on display. There were quite a number of skirts but again the formal ones looked so much closer to a lehenga. The casual ones are really good especially considering the price range plus I have seen a friend’s sister wearing a skirt from Ajia’s collection and it looked really good.

The owner of Ajia collection also stitches tulip pants, capes and dhoti shalwars. I was not able to see a cape as there was no finished design on display at the time but from the photos on her page, the capes looked quite stylish. I tried on the tulip pants and they were quite good (Rs. 1250). The best thing about this page is their finesse in stitching. The stitching quality was at par if not better than at Pin it. And with reasonable prices, Ajia is sure a bargain.


  • Extremely reasonably priced well stitched skirts
  • The only Facebook page selling skirts that has an outlet (trust me I have done my research)
  • If you have a special design in mind you can get it stitched yourself (Rs. 1500 for stitching of a skirt or as per design)


  • Not a shop per se but a page selling so at any one time, the stock on display has only one size so you need to give her an order for your type of stitching
  • The owner has no idea about the location of her shop and it is highly likely if you follow her instructions verbally
  • No Trial room available, she has a stitching area at the back where you can try stuff and she is very accomodating but it is a little uncomfortable trying out clothes without the confines of a wall

Dolmen Mall, Tariq Road

Dolmen is overflowing with skirts. Yes, there are a variety of shops selling all kinds of skirts in Dolmen and at reasonable prices. The best part is they have digitally printed skirts as well.. But you will have to do a little bit of searching to find the exact design and shape you are looking for. The digitally printed skirt I liked as selling for Rs.1800. The price varies according to fabric and design.


  • It is Dolmen, a really easy to visit place
  • Very reasonably priced

Most of the shops don’t have trial rooms

Despite this research, I haven’t yet bought a skirt as I have postponed the skirt for some occasions in the family that are scheduled in August. But if you are looking for one this Eid, be sure to check out these places to land that perfect skirt.

Featured Image: A Collage of Skirts by Rida Ahson and Threads & Motifs

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