Me Barha ho ke Kurti Banun Ga: Converting Old Dupattas into Kurtis

I am a member of several Facebook groups related to fashion, beauty and style. On one of these groups, a woman once asked if it was possible to convert a dupatta into a kurti. The query was met with positive response encouraging the girl to go ahead if she had a good tailor who would stitch the kurtis with so much finesse that they would not look converted form a dupatta. This gave me an idea since I have a stock of some beautiful dupattas lying around from lawn dresses that have torn or gone outdated (Somehow the duapttas survive everything). However, the adventurous soul I am, I went a step ahead and decided to convert my dupatta into a cape.
I had a left over chiffon dupatta from a Warda Saleem dress which I had just purchased because of the beautiful dupatta ( haha…sounds familiar?). I immediately took it to my tailor and asked him to make a cape of this design.


The tailor said the round shape couldn’t be obtained because of shortage of material to get the round shape but he could give it a square shape. So technically it would become a poncho since googling the difference a poncho and a cape brought me to this definition:

“So, what’s the difference between cape and poncho? Circle vs. square. The cape has a circular shape and tends to have an opening in front, while the poncho is shaped like a square with a hole in the middle.” (Trend Watch: Capes and Ponchos By Alisha Petro)

So basically when I decided to get my dupatta converted to a cape, it turned into a poncho. This simple transformation has left me with a lot of possibilities and I plan to design more stuff using my left over lawn dupattas pretty soon. Meanwhile, you look at the pictures below and get back to me that how did this transformation turn out? Yay or Nay?



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