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Sanam Teri Kasam

My husband got free passes for this movie through a friend and was raving about this movie when he came back from the cinema. To be honest, for me, I am always doubtful about anything produced by commercial Indian cinema. All their movies rely on these three things to attract the viewers.

1.      Stars with really huge fan following

2.      Raunchy jokes

3.      Intimate scenes and wild dances

And I don’t like either of the above three in a movie. Sanam Teri Kasam doesn’t have any of the above three but then it doesn’t have anything else either. The only good thing about this movie is: Really good music


The plot revolves around Saru who is a nerdy librarian who is unable to get married due to people rejecting her based on her simple looks. So she gets so desperate that she goes to the new criminal in her neighborhood to request him to ask his girlfriend (who is some top notch stylist) to give her a makeover. Ok fine, this seems very plausible until you see that she goes to the said criminal at four am in the morning when he is alone in the house and is caught by her father who throws her out of the house and the story starts. What kind of a sensible girl would go to a stranger’s house at 4 AM to ask for a makeover appointment? You can watch the rest of the movie to know what happens next (That is, if you are still interested)

Saru Sanam Teri Kasam
Saru in her nerdy librarian garb


It is without a doubt that Mawra Hocane has acted brilliantly but then again in this movie she had to do the same thing she had been doing in Pakistani drama for years: Crying a lot. But she looks pretty and hot and it does look that she is about to make her mark in Bollywood.

The male lead actor Inder’s character is the most stupid. It seems he has nothing to do than to help Saru get out of her predicament. It doesn’t seem righ,t why is he so interested in Saru? The chemistry between the lead characters is pretty skewed and forced.

Inder Sanam Teri Kasam
I am the angry young man with the heart as soft as a jello for reasons nobody knows except the writer himself


This is the only good thing about this movie, songs. With the melodious, “Sanam Teri Kasam” to the catchy “Kheench meri photo”, every single song is a treat. They may seem okayish in the beginning but after a few plays they grow on you.

kheench meri photo sanam teri kasam
A still from the catchy song “Kheench Meri Photo”

Overall, I would only recommend this movie if you want to see how Mawra fared in Bollywood and if you are the type that goes emotional over little things and helps people for no reason at all. In that case, you may even find this movie relatable to some extent like my husband.

PG Rating
Except for one or two kissing scenes, this movie is pretty sleaze free. However,  I would still recommend never to watch any adult movie with kids just to exercise caution.

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