Buying “Pakistan ki Pehchan” on Pakistan Day

I have noticed a new trend taking shape in Pakistan: The trend of holiday sales. With the severely hyped black Friday sale (which sadly couldn’t live upto its name), to the Pakistan day sales being offered at several brands, holiday sales are making an entry in the Pakistani consumer market. The few I came across last month’s holiday (23rd March) were:


J. (23% off on all items from 19th-23rd March))

Gul Ahmed (23% off starts 18th March-27th March)

Shahnaz Baby Care (15% off on all items on 23rd March)

Origins (35% off on 23rd March)


I went to my favorite place for kurtis: Pakistan ki Pehchaan Gul Ahmed. In my opinion, nobody does kurtis like Gul Ahmed. Whether embroidered, screen printed or digital, Gul Ahmed rules them all. Since last year, every time I visit their sale, I want to buy everything on display. Gul Ahmed has really revamped its image since the past year. Previously it used to be an aunty’s brand with really run of the mill stuff but since Kurtis came into fashion, Gul Ahmed has become the king.


I had been looking for a digital print kurti for as long as I can remember. Why didn’t I buy it then? You ask. The reason was: Namaz. Every single digital print kurti out there has living things printed on them and as per my knowledge, namaz is not accepted if you are wearing clothes with living things printed on them.


On 23rd March, I entered the Gul Ahmed Millennium outlet with the resolve to find a digital kurti with no living things printed on them and viola! Wo khetay hayn na dhoondnay se to khuda bhi mil jata hay. I found a digital print kurti without living things printed on it.

Price after sale Rs. 2500

 It just has an image of empress market printed on it. I love it, do you?

Note (updated later): Upon close inspection, I found that there are some men lurking around under empress market on the print, so I guess it is impossible to find a digital print kurti without living things on it 😦

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