Kababjees: Go for the Kababs only!

We were on the lookout for a restaurant for my friend’s post shaadi ki dawat and opted for Kababjees because of the rave reviews by people equaling their food in terms of taste to Kolachi. The branch chosen was Muhammad Ali Society as the Do Darya one was too far for the guests. How did this culinary experience fare? Let’s find out:

First to talk about reservations, it’s really easy to get reservations done as the phone gets picked up easily (unlike some restaurants where either you go to sleep waiting for the reservation line to be picked up or it is always busy) plus the restaurant is really accommodating as I changed the reservation time and date twice.

The Ambience
If you can, I would advise you to go to the Do Darya branch since in this branch the tables are far too close together (means this is not the branch if you are looking to have a private conservation) plus the interior décor and lighting is just so so. In fact I found the lights to be a little harsh. I want my restaurant lighting subtle and low key.

The Cutlery
I do not know whether people notice this or not but I do. Whenever I visit a restaurant, even the color of the tablecloth and the shape of the salt and pepper containers catch my eye and if they are unique or stylish and strike my fancy, I am sold. Sadly, the cutlery at Kababjees was pretty tikau like something just to get the job done. There was no neither any imagination nor any creativity even in the food serving style. As they say, “The eyes eat before the lips”. At Kababjees, my eyes definitely did not like what they ate.

The Service
Their service is excellent since there are sufficient numbers of waiters to cater to your needs and you don’t end up shouting and waving fingers as in fast food joints. Plus the waiters have adequate amount of knowledge about the food being served unlike some eateries where the waiter’s blank face is the answer to any query about the food or serving size.

The Food
Now towards the main part, I will analyse each dish we ordered separately. I could not take pictures of the food as I would have looked stupid in front of the guests. However I will make sure to post photos in any of the other restaurant reviews I do from now on.

Red Snapper BBQ
I was recommended this fish by an ex colleague and the recommendation stood up to its taste. The fish was delicious even without the sauce and the serving size was ample. To give perspective, its two big sized fish served on a platter along with fries, a sweet and sour sauce and salad.

Mutton and Chicken Karahi
I am not a big fan of Karahis and I had just ordered them because of the guests. They were just like another Karahi. Sorry, not a big fan of Karahis.

Kababjees Special Rice
I think I am a biased reviewer when it comes to rice since I like rice in any shape or form. So, as usual, I liked this rice as well. With vegetables, eggs (the paper-thin egg was super delicious) and chicken pieces the rice left a really nice taste and was really good.

Rango KAbab
I saved the best for the last. If there is one thing you should go to Kababjees for that’s Kababs. They were super delicious. Perfectly soft and tender, melting in your mouth, with the tangy barbecue flavor the kababs had everything you could ask for in a kabab. The restaurant has aptly been named Kababjees. Their kababs do deserve the respect to be called with a Jee after their name.

I would say that the food is a tad overpriced in terms of the taste but it is economical in the sense that if you are looking for a restaurant at a thousand rupees per head, Kababjees can fit in that budget really well. And plus in this month they are offering 30% off if you make payments with HBL, Silkbank,UBL and some other cards. In that case, it can get really economical. But at our time, their credit card machine gave up on us and we couldn’t avail the discounted price so make sure you carry some cash as well as banking on a card only can get really embarrassing.

All in all, it was a really nice experience and I would recommend Kababjees Muhammad Ali Society if you are thinking of taking your family out somewhere. However, if you are looking for some couple time, I would suggest to go to their Do Darya branch.

Featured image: Courtesy Kababjees Facebook Cover Photo

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