No Training for Old People


Last week, I attended a training course on “Safety Management System”. The organization I work for is striving towards achieving ISO certification and in order to achieve that there are certain rules and guidelines that have to be followed and implemented. I am the Integrated Management System focal person for my department therefore I was sent for this training (Although for the past three years I had been looking after all the audits without any formal training whatsoever, however that is another story)
When I was attending the initial six month training at the start of my job four years ago, an instructor at the training institute said,
“Burhapay me logo ko training karaane ka koi faida nahi hota unki parhnay ki umer khtam ho chuki hoti hay”
“There is no use of providing training to old people as there desire to learn has waned”.

At that moment the blue eyed naïve new jobber I was, I had thought I would never belong to that category and I would always keep myself updated with the latest developments in my industry.

Four years later, in the training last week several times I found myself distracted, uninterested and plain bored whereas the batch of new trainees with me in this training all seemed so eager and excited. This invoked in me a question: Am I becoming the old burha person my instructor referred to? As per my analysis, I think I am and here are the reasons for that:

Increase Of Responsibilities
Well, several changes have taken place over the past four years that have resulted in this change. First, my official Responsibilities have increased. In fact, I requested my in charge if it was possible to send me to this training in the next batch as I was so busy here in my own section. The request was denied and this training in fact came to me as an extra burden. I was on my phone directing my assistants to carry out the routine department work at office as I attended the training at headquarters. This resulted in a major distraction. Several of my training colleagues noticed this and commented, “Madam is so busy”

Family Responsibilities
Not only official responsibilities but my family obligations have increased as well. I am a mother to a seven month old now. I reached late twice at my training because my baby woke up during my office prep time and I had to calm and feed her before leaving plus I felt myself older than the rest of the participants. I find myself hard to relate to people who do not have babies now. Also there is the pressure to remember the last date of bills and stuff, and any thing that needs maintenance or improvement in home. As I live in a nuclear family, my husband and I are super busy as we have to look at both home and office simultaneously.

I Am Getting Boring As I Am Getting Older
Previously, I used to be really eager to make new friends and enjoy new experiences however now I have a small circle of friends from office and form university and I enjoy their company more as I can relate to them better. I could not form a single connection with any of the participants in this training.

I Have Become More Realistic
The training was about safety management and after working in the organization for three years I know how much of it is rhetoric and how much of it is being implemented at the ground level. Rhetoric has always bored me and I found that instead of attending this training I would have been serving my organization better by trying to implement this in real. The training was totally theory based and I know not much has been done at the practical level. For the new participants, this was probably a wow factor that they are going to work for an organization that is going to be ISO certified. Maybe as you grow old you start facing the reality you’re your perspective on things change.

However, I do miss the old excited eager me and I hope she will return someday.

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