My Teen Talwar Shopping Spree!

Ok I declare myself that I am a kanjoos (or at least my husband says so). I am a kanjoos in the sense that I hardly ever care where I buy my clothes from. As long as it’s stylish and catches my eye, I can pick it off the thaylay waala as well (provided it meets my own devised standards of quality which are pretty non snobbish).

Recently I went to Gulf (or rather the Teen Talwar area) on a shopping spree after a long time. The reason of this long hiatus in shopping is because after having a baby, my shopping has been limited to online or going to Gul Ahmed or J. (which have branches near my office) and quickly picking up something I like.

To be able to stroll around a market and feast my eyes on whatever is being sold, taking it all in, the sights the sounds and in short lots of impulse purchasing is a luxury that a working mother with a six month old baby can hardly afford due to shortage of time.

Despite that, I managed to do quite well. My main reason for going to Gulf was that I had a stock of shirts lying around awaiting straight pants and dupattas. My first choice for this is usually Gold Mark Mall but as the driver already had to go to Punjab chowrangi to go to the bank, I decided to go to Teen Talwar and I am glad I did.

The malls at Teen Talwar, in my opinion, are the best market if you are looking for stuff that won’t be available anywhere else in Karachi. All fashion and styles start from this area. A jeggings I bought from Gulf four years ago is still my favorite wardrobe staple. I will do a separate post on it because trust me THAT jeggings requires an ode.

Back to my shopping spree, my first stop was

Shop # G-20,25, Cliff Shopping Centre, Near Teen Talwar, Clifton, Karachi

I take cards from the shopkeepers just in case I have to get things exchanged and in markets like these its hard to find a shop the next time you visit. Having a card once saved me from the endless search of a shop from where I  had bought the wrong size of pants. Since then, I make it a point to take the card from every shop I visit.

This shop had a huge collection of embroidered straight pants in normal prices. (You have to bargain a lot) I bought these straight pants for Rs. 600-700. I am not a good bargainer. If you are, I am sure you can get them for much lower.


For the first time in my life, I bought a replica as well. The shopkeeper was just showing this to another woman and I fell in love with it and bought it, only to come home and find out that I already have this design in kurti I bought from Model Exclusive Store. ( calls for separate posts on replicas which I will do soon.


(Above Image: Copyright Maria B)

My next purchase was the highlight of my day, I have been looking for capes like Sammy K ( for quite some time. I saw Sanam Jung wearing them in morning shows and fell in love with them. I had set my eyes on the Sammy K one on my next trip to Zamzama but lo and behold! This shop saved me from spending six thousand on a cape I probably would have worn only once. The cape I bought is much more casual (meaning I can wear it to office as well) and is much much cheaper.

20160222_212349 - Copy

I got this cape for Rs. 1500 (again depends upon how much of a good bargainer you are. (Its original price was Rs. 2500).

Next on my list was khussas since i am bored of wearing pumps to office, I got these from Khussa Mart at Uzma centre.



Here is the address:

Khussa Mart
Shop # 8, Uzma Shopping Plaza, Near Clifrom KPT Underpass

I bought these for Rs. 2300. This is the shop where it is hard to bargain. The shopkeeper was not willing to budge at all.

Hope you enjoyed reading my first shopping post as much as I did writing it.

Update: The Khussas I bought above hardly lasted even six months so these khussas are not at all of good quality plus it is super hard to clean these once they get dirty. I threw both away after the black one got torn and the truck art one got so dirty that it almost got black




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